JeonSim, ‘Unveiling the reusable framed wreath for congratulations and condolences at 2021 I-STARTUP

Photo – JeonSim

JeonSim (CEO Saeng-yong Choi) will participate the ‘2021 I-START UP(Incheon Startup Venture HANMADANG) which will be held live online on Nov 25(Thurs.) at Korea Polytechnics 2 University booth.

Jeonshim is a company that designs the works of art, photographs, and paintings and commercializes it into the frame wreaths. Existing three-stage coarsening wreath have recycling problems as it repeatedly used five to seven times and environmental problems when discarded after use it. To solve this issue, frame wreaths are commercialized and serviced. The frame wreath can be kept as an art at home or office without dispose it after a congratulations and condolences event. t is a service that can solve recycling and environmental problems caused by disposal and change wreath culture.

In order to expand the distribution of frame wreath, the JeonSim has developed a mobile obituary app and is linking it with funeral companies and funeral halls, and has also developed a mobile wedding invitation to collaborate with wedding halls and wedding service companies.

Photo – JeonSim

Celebration framed wreaths can be made from artwork or wedding photos. Condolence framed wreaths can be made from memories of the deceased in his/her lifetime to comfort the mourner and commemorate the deceased. Various works such as photographs, paintings, and calligraphy of the deceased are enhanced, corrected, enlarged, and printed with high-quality prints to create a wreath.

JeonSim Representative said “Through this exhibition, we plan to promote the design and commerciality of framed wreaths and conduct various sales.”

Meanwhile, 2021 I-STARTUP (Incheon Startup Venture HANMADANG)) hosted by Incheon Metropolitan City and Incheon Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration is the It is a startup event for creation. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, it will be held as an all-online event, and an online exhibition hall will be operated on the official website from November 15 (Mon) to December 31 (Fri). The online live broadcast will be held on YouTube Live on Thursday, November 25. Participating organizations are as follows. △Incheon Center for Creative Economy & Innovation △Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute △Incheon Youth Entrepreneurship Academy △Incheon Venture Business Association △Incheon Techno park △Incheon National University △Inha University △Korea Polytechnics→ Shortcut to 21 I-STARTUP News Special Page