[IT EXPO 2011] KIA MOTORS to Expose ‘K5 Hybrid’s Bare Skin

KIA Motors exhibited ‘K5 Hybrid’ at the ‘International Information Technology & Electronics Expo (IT EXPO) 2011’ happening for 3 days from September 26 28 at GumiCo, Gumi, Korea.

K5 Hybrid is developed as low carbon and eco-friendly cars to response to global warming and is equipped with KIA’s own hybrid system. This full hybrid system realized the optimized fuel efficiency (21km/ℓ in Korea) and reduced carbon displacement.

In particular, the average fuel efficiency of 20 participants of ‘K5 Hybrid Eco Driver Competition’ held last July in Korea was 25.9km/ℓ exceeding official fuel efficiency and it proved its superior economic feasibility.

Meanwhile, ‘IT EXPO 2011,’ expanded and reorganized from ‘Gumi IT Electronics Expo,’ is held on whole floors of GumiCo with 100 exhibitors and 200 booths and will exhibit diverse IT products from digital appliances, electronic devices, IT integration, communication broadcasting, SW & contents & solution, automation system, factory control devices to components and materials.

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