[IT EXPO 2011] JIO FINE CHEM to Introduce Magnesium Surface Treatment Technology

JIO FINE CHEM (representative Hae-Duk Park), a company specialized in production and distribution of about 100 surface treatment chemicals, participated in ‘IT EXPO (International Information Technology & Electronics Expo) 2011’, which is held in GumiCo, Gumi, Korea, from September 26 to 28.

JIO FINE CHEM, established in 2001, secured a base to approach to its consumers with high quality and low cost chemicals by building a manufacturing plant in Gumi in 2007. Surface treatment chemicals are mainly used for surface treatment of automobile parts or electric appliances and these days, JIO FINE CHEM is focusing on developing eco-friendly surface treatment chemicals for keeping pace with eco-friendly era.

Furthermore, JIO FINE CHEM is exporting magnesium surface treatment technology developed on its own to Japan, which’s a birthplace of this field.

The company official said, “Surface treatment is a root in the industry. It’s hard to develop new materials without development in surface treatment. We hope more people to have interest in surface treatment”.

Meanwhile, IT EXPO 2011 (www.itexpo.kr), expanded and reorganized from ‘Gumi IT Electronics Expo,’ is held on whole floors of GumiCo with 88 exhibitors and 151 booths and exhibits diverse IT products from digital appliances, electronic devices, IT integration, communication broadcasting, SW & contents & solution, automation system, factory control devices to components and materials.

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