iriver plaza shibuya

(Picture: ‘iriver plaza shibuya’ located in MOMOSE building)

1. World Class Company – exhibition center tour – iriver plaza shibuya ①

TOKYO, Japan (AVING Special Report on ‘World Class Brand in Japan’) — <Visual News> Tokyo is often said to be a kind of Mecca for IT digital products in the world. In this very place, iriver Japan is competing with other world class companies such as Apple.

Shibuya is one of the most popular places in Japan that is crowded with Japanese youngsters. Iriver plaza shibuya located in this right place is contributing to inform irivers’ up-to-date products in Japanese market. While presenting a regular musical play of various bands, it also conveys iriver’s unique philosophy of ‘not imitating anybody’.

(Picture: catalogues and music magazine ‘PLUS MUSIC’. There is a regular performance in iriver plaza shibuya played by the bands mentioned in this magazine)

(Picture: Popular models of iriver in Japan market: T30, T20, H10 Jr.)

(Picture: a view of shibuya street)

(Picture: the inside of iriver plaza shibuya)

(Picture: In the center of the plaza, there is a particular place for experience of new models)

(Picture: There are accessories on the right side)

(Picture: On the left side iriver MP3Ps are displayed according to a model)

(Picture: a performance poster presented regularly in iriver plaza shibuya The musician in the poster was examining instruments before a play)

<AVING Special Report Team in Tokyo: Editor&Publisher, Kevin Choi, Phobe Kwon, Annie Park, Hyunok Kim, Jongmin Lee correspondents of AVING to Japan, edited by Daniel Sirh>