IOPS releases 2GB MP3 Player with ‘renovative’ functionality

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> IOPS has been one of the few to set trends in the market of MP3 Players, at least in terms of functionality. They were the first ever to allow OGG file to run in an MP3 Player and first ever to adapt built-in foldable USB plug.

Now that Apple is getting much spotlight with its new iPOD series Nano, IOPS is boldly making a move of its own to set another trend with their new ever versatile F5(Gyuk) model.

F5 has all the features you can possibly expect for an MP3 Player to have, such as fm radio, image viewer, voice recording, clock display, user’s screen saver, and more. But most of all, its main features are Movie Playback function and Built-in foldable USB 2.0 plug. Also, F5 supports 24 EQ settings plus 3 SRS wow 2.0 user settings.

Especially, movie playback is very impressive compared to its small size, and it is sure to keep you from being bored just listening to music.

The basic design of F5 takes over the earlier model of IOPS MFP-series, but improved its solidity and look with the cool stainless steel front cover.