IOCELL, ‘The C2’ the world’s first USB drive open platform

NEW YORK, USA (AVING) — <Visual News> IOCELL Corporation (, a Korean company specializing in mobile storage devices, has launched a USB drive Open Platform ‘The C2’ as the very first in the world.

According to IOCELL, ‘The C2’ is an intelligent platform which enables people to carry, store and launch their own applications and data on any PC in any place through the Internet.

With its own unique protocol ‘SyncPanel’ built inside, users can freely enjoy favorite contents and desired applications by downloading them from IOCELL’s server after plugging it into any computer in any place of the world where Internet is available.

‘The C2’ also has a built-in security system that automatically deletes any personal information stored in the USB drive by a remote server if lost and stolen.

It is flexible and compatible with other USB drives and is not limited to IOCELL’s equipment and applications.

Kang, Byung-Suk, Representative Director of IOCELL, said, “ It is expected that USB drives as simple storage devices will phase out and ‘The C2’ with integrated functions will change the way people view USB drives and is going to be the key device to allow people to thrive in ubiquitous environment.”

He also said that they would work to make ‘The C2’ an international standard for USB drives by forming domestic and foreign consortiums.

[About IOCELL Corporation]

IOCELL Corporation has been developing and making portable storage devices and is No.1 company in Korea’s USB drives market and 3rd place as a manufacturer supplier in the world, gaining strong ground as a leader in innovative products.

With sales estimated to reach over 100 million dollars next year, IOCELL’s has 5 key technologically advanced patents for ‘The C2” platform. IOCELL has transformed itself from a hardware-centered to a contents service-centered company and is preparing to launch a wide range of new applications and contents using ‘The C2”