[Int’l Beauty Expo Korea Video] Kocostar Showcases Fruit and Vegetable Slice Shaped Mask Packs

Kocostar(www.kocostar.co.kr) showcased fruit and vegetable slice shaped mask packs at the International Beauty Expo Korea 2015, which runs Oct. 15 to 17.

Providing sufficient moisture and nutrients to skin, this fruit and vegetable slice shaped mask packs give fun and flavor to skincare.

It can be used not only on faces, but also neck, arm, and legs with different formula for each part. Each slice can be peeled off separately from the film, so it is easy to use.




The International Beauty Expo Korea 2015 is one of the leading beauty trade shows in Korea showcasing the latest trends in cosmetics, make-up, skincare, products for body and hair, and all other beauty related products and technology.

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(Video: ‘International Beauty Expo Korea 2015’ Live Sketch)

Reported by Janghee Jung