[Int’l Beauty Expo Korea] Daonix’s Plasma Skincare Device “Beausome”


Daonix showcased plasma skincare electronic called Beausome at the International Beauty Expo Korea 2015, which runs Oct. 15 to 17.

It is a beauty device that can be used at home every day. The Daonix research found out that plasma is beneficial for skin, and made the world’s first portable plasma skincare device.

It can replace the expensive skincare service provided by dermatologist, and reduces side effect because users can check the condition of skin during the process.

In a 6-week clinical test with 23 people, it has been proven to improve the density of the skin by 15.47% on average. Also, the Rt rate which measures the wrinkle has been reduced by 26.24%, the L*value which measures the brightness of the skin has been increased by 4.11%.




The International Beauty Expo Korea 2015 is one of the leading beauty trade shows in Korea showcasing the latest trends in cosmetics, make-up, skincare, products for body and hair, and all other beauty related products and technology.

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Reported by Lee Hong-geun