‘International Optical Convergence EXPO’, held at KINTEX in this June

For crime prevention and cost saving, many municipal governments across the country are actively launching LED lighting replacement projects.

While LED lighting supply and replacement work according to “LED lighting 2060” is out looked to be more active, Korea’s largest scale LED specialized trade exhibition, ‘International LED & OLED EXPO 2018′ will be held from Jun 26th to 28th at KINTEX, Iisan.

The exhibition, which will be held as the 16th year, will be hosted by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Korea Mining Industry Promotion Association, the LED Industry Forum, and KOTRA, and is organized by EXPONU Co., Ltd., and is supported by Bucheon-si, Korea Institute for Industrial Technology Evaluation, Korea Institute for Light and Light Science, Korea Institute for Electronic Communication, Korea Lighting Research Institute, Cheolwon Institute for Industrial Technology, Korea Light Energy Association, Korea Light Fixtures Agency LED Industry Cooperative, Korea Lighting Industry Cooperative, Taiwan Mining Industry Association, Japan LED Association, China Lighting Association, and  Japan LED Light Source Development Organization.

This year, International LED & OLED EXPO 2018 and PHOTONICS KOREA 2018 will be integrated and will be held as International Optical Convergence EXPO, and it is Korea’s largest LED, OLED, Optical specialized trade exhibition that 350 companies from domestic and overseas participates. Moreover, during the exhibition period, ‘LED Industrial Forum 2018’ that seeks LED Industry’s status and development direction will be held at that same time by inviting ‘Laser EXPO 2018’ and LED Industry’s foremost authorities.

In ‘International LED & OLED EXPO 2018’, overall LED and OLED industry products such as, lighting, equipment, parts, material, application, micro LED, UV LED, Smart LED and others will be exhibited, and in the ‘PHOTONICS KOREA 2018’, Optical products such as optical precision devices, optical communication, optical materials, and optical devices are also exhibited.

In addition, in the ‘Laser EXPO 2018’, overall LASER industry related products will be exhibited such as LASER related processor, equipment (marking, cutting, medical purpose and others), oscillator, light source, medical, application product.

As a subsidiary event, government awards such as new technology development companies and export consultation for invited buyers will also be held on a large scale.

The LED/OLED industry is a high value-added new growth industry that is expected to create new markets through convergence with other industries. ‘International LED&OLED EXPO’, which has been growing with the development of LED/OLED industry, has been recognized as one of the largest LED & OLED exhibitions in Korea, where leading companies are participating.

From April 30, 2018, it will be accepting entries and the booth location will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis according to the order in which the entries are received. It is therefore advantageous for interested companies to submit the application form to the secretariat as soon as possible.