[International Green Energy Expo] Subcleaner, GM Tech’s Eco-friendly Aquatic Cleaning Robot


GM Tech is showcasing its aquatic cleaning robot at the “13th International Green Energy Expo”, which runs for three days from April 6 to 8 at EXCO in Daegu.

It is called “Subcleaner”, which was developed to bring a revolution in water treatment process. Controlled by a remote controller, it can be used in reserve, water treatment facilities, tanks, cooling tower, pulp factories, and industrial water tanks. An upgraded version of this has a GPS in it, which makes it possible to clean without being controlled by a human being.

The top part and bottom part are designed to be separated, which makes it easy to upgrade and repair the machine. Containing no chlorine or corrosion prevention chemicals, it is made as an eco-friendly machine.

The “13th International Green Energy Expo” is a business arena in which companies from solar power, wind power, and new renewable energy fields participate to meet domestic and international buyers with real purchasing power. Various products and services related to materials, components, design, construction, operation services, consulting, green cars, secondary batteries, fuel cells, and solar smart grids will be introduced at the event.

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