[International Green Energy Expo Preview] JAEJIN POWER LED’s New Conceptual ‘CCTV Camera Security Light’, Combination of LED Light and Security System


JAEJIN POWER LED will showcase its “CCTV Camera Security Light”, a combination of an LED light and a CCTV camera, at the “13th International Green Energy Expo”, which runs for three days from April 6 to 8 at EXCO in Daegu.

The company will exhibit its new conceptual “CCTV Camera Security Light”. This product is a combination of an LED light with a night surveillance function and a monitoring system. It is a crime-preventing unmanned security system.

The product can be installed on poles for security lights and streetlights. It is developed for crime prevention at police stations and schools. It supports Wi-Fi, 3G, and LTE connections. It shows CCTV videos in real time and can be controlled via iOS and Android apps on all smartphones. This product is not like infrared night surveillance CCTVs, which only show black and white images. It can record natural colors to prevent crime more effectively.

The company is manufacturing LED street lights and solar and wind powered lights. The product can also be operated via new renewable energy with its low power design.

The “13th International Green Energy Expo” is a business arena in which companies from solar power, wind power, and new renewable energy fields participate to meet domestic and international buyers with real purchasing power. Various products and services related to materials, components, design, construction, operation services, consulting, green cars, secondary batteries, fuel cells, and solar smart grids will be introduced at the event.

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by Hocheol Lee