[International Beauty Expo] ‘Fromst’, A Device that Exercises Inner Skin and Improves Skin Elasticity

Fromst is part of the “International Beauty Expo Korea 2015”, which runs for three days from Thursday the 15th to Saturday the 17th.

Through the use of ultra-low vacuum produced by a patented vacuum tip, Fromst gives the fibroblasts up-down and left-right motions, increases compactness of the corium, and makes the skin more elastic.

At the exhibition, the company is running “Experience Zone”, where visitors can try out the product, and “Event Zone”, where free giveaways and discount and SNS events are held. Through such booths, the company is welcoming customers and domestic and international buyers who are interested in self-beauty devices.

Those who visit Fromst’s booth and experience the product will receive a hand mirror. A free giveaway event is also being run simultaneously. Visitors can receive a “Portable Tumbler” if they click “Like” on Fromst’s Facebook page or if they follow Fromst’s Instagram account at the booth.

Furthermore, visitors can receive a 35% discount if they purchase the product at the booth. An additional massage cream is given to all customers who buy the product.

One company official said: “We are happy to be participating in the International Beauty Expo, where all of the products from Korea’s beauty industry are displayed. We will keep on preparing opportunities for customers to experience our products and take part in various events.”




The International Beauty Expo Korea 2015 is one of the leading beauty trade shows in Korea showcasing the latest trends in cosmetics, make-up, skincare, products for body and hair, and all other beauty related products and technology.

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