Institute of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers of India (IPMMI), participated in KOREA PACK 2022… “The packaging and processing industry is one of the largest business sectors in India, and we will further strengthen our cooperation with Korea!”

All the officials from the Institute of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers of India (IPMMI) who participated in KOREA PACK 2022 | Source – AVING NEWS

The representative packaging exhibition for food, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics process and packaging, ‘Korea Pack 2022 (International Process & Packing Exhibition) and ICPI WEEK 2022 (International Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Industry Week)’, opened on the 14th at KINTEX 1 and 2 in Goyang and was held for 4 days.

The exhibition also featured foreign national pavilions. Italy and India introduced their country’s leading packaging companies to Korean packaging consumers, distribution and packaging companies at Korea Pack 2022, and a National Pavilion was set up for networking.

13 companies from IPMMI, the Institute of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers of India, made entries including; △PARLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, △PACIFAB TECHNOLOGIES LLP, △Electronics Devices Worldwide, △MAHARSHI UDYOG, △ALLIGATOR AUTOMATIONS, △THERMOLAB SCIENTIFIC EQUIPMENTS, △NOBLE ECO SYSTEMS, △Fabtech Technologies, etc.

Regarding the opportunity for a large number of Indian companies to participate in the exhibition, Mahendra Mehtha, managing director of PARLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, said, “Korea and India have established friendly relations in various industries, and Korean companies have always fostered positive synergy with their partners. We expect to establish good partnerships with Korean companies with excellent technology and business networks.”

He continued, “Moreover, the medical, packaging, and processing industries, which are the themes of this exhibition, are very large in India, and through various certification and test results, each local company has proved its excellent capabilities and quality.”

Mahendra Mehtha, managing director of PARLE GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, responding in an interview conducted at the Indian National Pavilion at Kintex Exhibition Hall 1 | Source – AVING NEWS

He personally introduced MAHARSHI, a member of the Institute of Packaging Machinery Manufacturers of India, and praised it as a leading company in the field of packaging equipment in the Indian market. MAHARSHI Director Marshit Shah added, “We are a company that develops not only single equipment, but also entire packaging lines and high-speed labeling equipment and we supply them to numerous customers.”

Marshit Shah also expressed anticipation for business cooperation in the Korean market, saying, “This is the first time our company has participated in an exhibition in Korea, and we hope to build cooperative relationships with various Korean companies to lay the foundation for mutual growth,” and added, “In fact, we are satisfied that we had several meetings and meaningful discussions during the exhibition period.”

Electronics Devices Worldwide, a company that provides manufacturing facilities and vision inspection systems for products such as induction sealers and foldable flip-top caps, and related products, also drew attention. They have been in business for 45 years, which is testament to their high reliability in the packaging industry, and participated in the International Process & Packing Exhibition for the first time in 10 years. In particular, various products from their subsidiary ‘Sigma CapSeal’ were introduced in the exhibition.

Fabtech Technologies Chairman Aasif Ahsan Khan responding in an interview conducted at the Indian National Pavilion at Kintex Exhibition Hall 1 | Source – AVING NEWS

Vivek Chinoy, Marketing Director at Sigma CapSeal, said, “I was deeply impressed by Korea’s remarkable change from 10 years ago. I am happy to have the opportunity to meet such good Korean companies that have made such great progress in such a short time,” adding, “We truly had a good time meeting with good companies within the exhibition period, and we will do our best to connect with them to achieve positive results.”

Aasif Ahsan Khan, Chairman of Fabtech Technologies, a company that develops and supplies specialized equipment such as clean product panels for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, also could not hide his satisfaction. He said, “I was surprised to see so many Korean companies that generously showcased their great capabilities at this exhibition, and we were also greatly inspired by this,” furthermore, “There is no doubt that cooperating with Korean companies with such outstanding vision and technology will yield good results, and we expect that there will be potential partners among the visitors who visited our booth as well as the representatives of each company that held meetings during this exhibition.”

Meanwhile, KOREA PACK 2022, co-hosted by the Korea Packaging Machinery Association, The Monthly Packaging, and Kyungyon Exhibition Corp, showcased the manufacturing process, packaging equipment, packaging materials and converting of all industries including food, beverage, bakery, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, household goods, and chemical industry, as well as the entire supply chain of logistics, distribution, and automation after packaging all in one place.

It was mainly comprised of; Hall 1 Korea International Materials Handling & Logistics Exhibition (Korea Mat); Halls 2-5 Packaging machinery, materials, eco-friendly packaging, Cosmetic-Pharmaceutical-Bio Process & Technology Exhibition (Cophex), and the International Exhibition for Chemical Processing, Fine & Specialty Chemicals (Korea Chem), and at the same time the ICPI Week (International Cosmetics Pharmaceutical Industry Week) exhibition and conference for pharmaceutical and cosmetic product development was held at KINTEX 2 (Halls 7 and 8), and provided information on related industries to visitors of the packaging exhibition.

Exhibition Hall of the IPMMI participated in KOREA PACK 2022| Source – AVING News