Innovator of new technology, SHARP

(Picture: 45 inch under speaker wide ”AQUOS LC-45AE5”. ‘AQUOS’-a combination of the word ‘aqua’ and ‘quality’-is used to convey clean and transparent image of LCD)

1. World Class Company – exhibition center tour – SHARP AQUOS ②

TOKYO, Japan (AVING Special Report on ‘World Class Brand in Japan’) — <Visual News> All of the SHARP LCD TV displayed in Akihabara Japan has a label written ‘AQUOS made in Kameyama factory’. In fact, Kameyama factory is a pride of SHARP. In this place, SHARP has been producing finished goods of LCD from LCD panel to TV packaging.

A consistent style of SHARP for pursuing creativity and new products is found everywhere, not just in a Kameyama factory. All of LCD TV of SHARP is designed by one person, KITA TOSHIYUKI for coherent design. SHARP has kept new technologies of engineers in its own black box, not getting patents. Nonetheless, SHARP holds the most of patents related to LCD in the world.

In terms of sales, SHAPR is not No.1 Company in Japanese electronic goods industry. However, SHARP doesn’t simply care about that. For them the philosophy of pursuing creativity,
‘one of kind’ in the world is the very 1st priority. Sounds conservative? yeah, in a sense.

But, from this exactly same company, you will be surprised to find the most innovative and remarkable spirit than any other place in Japan.

(Picture: ”AQUOS LC-20B5-S’ with a memory card slot built inside)

(Picture: ”AQUOS LC-20C7-S” boasting about high quality sound)

(Picture: side speaker wide ”AQUOS LC-26GD6”)

(Picture: Junior manager, MIYUKI NAKAYAMA)

(Picture: Manager, HIROSHI TAKENAMI)

(Picture: a convertible LCD display. You can use 2D for writing sentences and calculating charts or 3D for computer graphics and game)

<AVING Special Report Team in Tokyo: Editor&Publisher, Kevin Choi, Phobe Kwon, Annie Park, Hyunok Kim, Jongmin Lee correspondents of AVING to Japan, edited by Daniel Sirh>