Incheon Startup Festival “I-STARTUP 2021” Held Online on the 25th to Expand the Atmosphere of Startups in the Region

Contributing to the spread of the “Startup Atmosphere” through promotion of excellent companies and information exchange with support organizations.

I-STARTUP 2021, the largest start-up festival in Incheon, was broadcast live online on November 25th. Prior to this, an online exhibition hall was opened from November 15th to promote policies and technologies of startup and venture support institutions in Incheon and excellent startup companies.

Participants take commemorative photos after winning the Minister of SMEs and Startups Award, the Mayor of Incheon Metropolitan City Award, the Commissioner of the Incheon Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration Award, and the President of the Korea Startup Care Association. | Photo – AVING NEWS

I-STARTUP 2021, a start-up festival that all citizens in Incheon can participate in, is designed to promote, and encourage the achievements of companies that have achieved brilliant results despite the COVID-19 crisis and to promote start-ups in the jurisdiction by sharing them with citizens.

“I-STARTUP 2021” is hosted by the Incheon Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration and Incheon Metropolitan City to spread the atmosphere of start-ups in the region and boost the motivation of prospective entrepreneurs. Considering the COVID-19 situation, the event also adopted a non-face-to-face method to consist of the operation of an “online exhibition hall” and an “online live broadcast.”

-Online exhibition hall introduced 8 startup and venture support organizations and 324 outstanding startup companies.

To start, the “Online Exhibition Hall,” which will be held from November 15th to December 31st, will be composed of individual pages of eight startup and venture support organizations in Incheon along with event guidance and news introduction. In particular, individual pages of excellent startup companies provide various functions to make it easier for citizens and buyers to access the company, such as real-time chatting with corporate representatives and practitioners, and video consultation with buyers.

Participants in Incheon’s largest start-up festival, “I-STARTUP 2021” | Photo – AVING NEWS

– To prevent the spread of COVID-19, institutions, businesses, and citizens communicate through “Online Live Broadcast”.

Furthermore, the program in which companies and citizens communicate to prevent the spread of COVID-19 was broadcast live online (14:00-18:00) on the I-STARTUP 2021 website on November 25th. During the online live broadcast, various attractions related to startups were provided, including rewards for those who have made merit in revitalizing startups, lectures on successful startups, youth startup competitions (King of Kings), and unboxing excellent products for startups and venture companies.

Vietnam’s Global influencer TO TON THANH, which has 320,000 subscribers, unboxing excellent products of participating companies. Hanuni, CSENL Co., Ltd., Roico Group Co., Ltd., Neuru, ALPHAWAY, Big Dream Contents Co., Ltd., Elley Company Co., Ltd., Handy Bro Co., Ltd., and SL HighTap participated. | Photo – AVING NEWS

In addition, this year’s event will feature a new Global Media Awards program and receive recommendations from startup support agencies, and the final one will be selected in advance through a comprehensive review by global foreign media such as Lecafedugeek, SVPRESS, GEEKAZIEN, VIETNAMPLUS, SINA, Ubergizmo, and IT DONGA. AVING NEWS was selected for “Global Media Awards” will have in-depth opportunities for promoting their brand.

Meanwhile, I-STARTUP is Incheon’s representative start-up and venture event that was first held in 2017 and marks its fifth year this year. At the beginning of the event, various startup programs, including prospective startups and college students, were conducted in cooperation with related organizations to make it easier for those interested in startups, but in 2020, it developed into a festival with 13,500 people participating online.

Chef Won-il Lee gave a lecture on the success story of a startup under the theme of “Startup is about Flow & Needs.” | Photo – AVING NEWS

The Incheon Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration said, “As I-STARTUP is established as a startup and venture event in Incheon, it is important to provide various experiences and opportunities by conducting differentiated programs for companies and citizens participating in this event.” We plan to successfully hold a global linked program (Global YouTuber product review, Global Media Awards) to be held at this event, and based on this, we plan to increase the brand awareness of the event by expanding participatory programs and diversifying promotional activities, he said.

Meanwhile, 2021 I-STARTUP (Incheon Startup Venture Hanmadang), hosted by Incheon Metropolitan City and the Incheon Regional Small and Medium Venture Business Administration, is a startup event to promote startups and venture support institutions in Incheon and spread the startup atmosphere. To prevent the spread of COVID-19, it will be held as a full-scale online event, and an online exhibition hall will be operated on its official website from November 15 (Mon) to December 31 (Fri). The online live broadcast will be held on Thursday, November 25 on YouTube Live. Participating organizations are as follows. △ Incheon Creative Economy Innovation Center △ Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute △ Incheon Youth Startup Academy △ Incheon Venture Business Association △ Incheon Techno Park △ Incheon National University △ Inha University △ Korea Polytechnic 2 University

Participants in Incheon’s largest start-up festival, “I-STARTUP 2021” | Photo – AVING NEWS
Participants in Incheon’s largest start-up festival, “I-STARTUP 2021” | Photo – AVING NEWS