[Incheon KOTRA Support Group “I-BIO Company”] THE ING MEDICAL strengthens its competitiveness with disposable medical devices that improve medical convenience

THE ING MEDICAL, a company selected by the Incheon KOTRA Support Group’s “I-BIO Customized DT Marketing Project,” is a manufacturer specializing in disposable medical devices that manufactures and sells disposable consumables used in Intervention, Endoscopic (GI and ERCP), and Neuro. It is a company that localizes all products and exports them to more than five countries around the world and aims at more than 30 countries.

Among THE ING MEDICAL’s products, the ‘Mouth Guard’ has the advantage of being adjustable in length. An official explained that ‘Biopsy Forceps’, a disposable endoscopic biopsy device that collects tissue samples and ‘Injection Needle’, a disposable endoscopic injection needle, was also improved to open the handle for user convenience.

Biopsy Forceps │THE ING MEDICAL
Injection Needle │ THE ING MEDICAL

‘Hot Biopsy Forceps’, made by combining ‘Biopsy Forceps’ and ‘Polypectomy Snare’ products, is mainly used to remove small polyps, and ‘Stone Basket’ products are used to remove gallstones and stones.

Our process system is made manually and shipped after sterilization with EO gas, an official at THE ING MEDICAL said. “In addition to products related to digestive medicine and examination centers, our goal is to make our company specialize in surgery, orthopedics, and disposable medical devices.” “We will strive to become the best company for sterilized products and disposable products in the future.”

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Mouth Guards(Bite)│ THE ING MEDICAL