[Incheon KOTRA Support Group “I-BIO Company”] Pasamedi, takes responsibility for healthy sleep with snoring and sleep apnea prevention device “Pasa”

Pasamedi Co., Ltd. (CEO Joon-hyuk Park and Hyun-jin Choi), a company selected as the “I-BIO Customized DT Marketing Project” conducted by the Incheon KOTRA Support Group, was established in 2016 with the goal of “upgrading sleep quality.” It consists of dental-based medical personnel and assistant researchers, and the main products include customized oral devices to prevent snoring, sleep apnea, and grinding, and products used for sleep. Through a three-year R&D process, it succeeded in developing a non-face-to-face customized oral device using 3D printing.

The business model is to provide products and services at a fast and reasonable cost through direct communication with consumers without going through hospitals and is currently in the process of investment rounds to expand the scale of the business and advance globally.

Photo – Pasamedi

Pasa, the flagship product, is worn in the oral cavity during sleep to prevent snoring, sleep apnea, and grinding. Pasa also reduces stress on teeth and jaws, expand the airway, increase oxygen intake, and upgrade sleep quality.

First of all, although it is a customized oral device, there is no need for hospital visits, diagnoses, and prescriptions. With the “Self-Home DIY Kit” is delivered from Pasamedi, customers imprint their own teeth, send the kit back to Pasamedi, print it with a 3D printer, and deliver it to customers. Even if you wear it for a long time while sleeping, there are no side effects because it is designed so that there is no burden on your jaw and teeth, and the advantage is the rational distribution of subscription rental methods.

Photo – Pasamedi

Due to the nature of highly involved products, there is usually a high barrier to purchase, but Pasa can be purchased or rented under payment conditions that suit the user, and there is no risk to consumers as it can be terminated at any time. In addition, it is supplied only by direct sales of the headquarters, and solutions are quickly provided for any complaints in regards to the technology/service through direct communication by the researcher in charge of the headquarters.

Since its foundation, it has generated about 500 million won in sales every year through distribution at B2B Hospital and started online sales of B2C in 2020 and has now achieved BEP (profit-and-loss breakpoint) by creating 500 million won in annual sales through B2C channels. As of September 2021, it is currently discussing attracting actual investment with various VCs.

Pasamedi CEO Joon-hyuk Park | Photo : Aving News

Joon-hyuk Park, CEO of Pasamedi, said, “Customized oral devices, usually manufactured at dentists, customers have to go to the dentist, set a model, and then data is sent to the lab for processing. When the device is completed, the customers must go back to the dentist to retrieve the devices. “Based on the data directly received from customers, our products that have resolved these inconveniences are completed through 3D scan process and are easily sent directly to customers.”

We want to enter the U.S., Europe, and Japan markets, not just the domestic market. As soon as the investment attraction currently under discussion is completed, we will be on the first step of global expansion through the process of obtaining permission from each country, he said. “The final goal is to improve sleep quality and find happiness in life by allowing people suffering from various sleep diseases to get enough sleep.”

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