[Incheon KOTRA Support Group “I-BIO Company”] CH&B reinforces export competitiveness with European CE FFP2 imprint masks!

CH&B Co., Ltd. (CEO Ki-won Park), a company selected by the Incheon KOTRA Support Group’s “I-BIO Customized DT Marketing Project,” is a company that supplies products that have been proven effective through thorough and strict quality control to improve customers’ lifestyles. The business fields are healthcare, non-drug products, beauty care, and cosmetics.

After the spread of the COVID-19 virus worldwide in 2020, it has focused on the management of the non-drug (quarantine products) and health functional food business. It is doing its best to promote excellent Korean products to the world by supplying quarantine products to minimize the continued spread of viruses and unexpected damage to new viruses in the future and supplying Korean health functional foods abroad to help increase body immunity.

Photo – CH&B

CH&B’s “Dream of Red Ginseng” which helps improve health and immunity allows the daily intake of red ginseng to be put in a bottle, providing portable, hygienic, and easy intake methods. The Dream of Red Ginseng focused on naturally consuming red ginseng natural products without coloring or sugar through low-temperature vacuum drying (LTVD) technology.

In addition, the loss of effective substances discarded in the process of extracting the existing red ginseng concentrate is minimized so that the entire from roots to fruits can be consumed. It reduces the unique bitterness of red ginseng and increases the intake of ginsenoside (Saponin found in ginseng) as much as possible, allowing customers to consume the red ginseng’s abundant fiber and inorganic substances together.

Photo – CH&B

“Dream of Red Ginseng,” which is sold at pharmacies with health functional food approval in Korea, is officially sold overseas in China and Japan. Kuwait is preparing procedures for health functional food registration and is in the process of discussing business promotion with Vietnam and Greece.

Meanwhile, there are many KF94 masks that have been released, but there are not many masks that are certified as CE FFP2 in Europe and imprinted on the mask itself. In the first half of 2021, European countries changed their laws to imprint CE FFP2 on masks in order to strengthen the safety of health masks. To suit this, CH&B has approved CE FFP2, a prerequisite for export to Europe and the Middle East and imprinted the mask itself on its health mask “HIGUARD KF94.” This is drawing attention from foreign business travelers as well as Europe and Middle East countries.

Photo – CH&B

Masks delivered 10 million copies to Serbia in 2020 and sold to various countries such as the United States, China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are expected to be sold in the European and Middle East markets by releasing products with CEFFP2 imprints in 2021. It is currently testing samples with Brunei, Indonesia, and Kuwait buyers.

The quarantine products are mainly delivered to domestic general companies and exhibitors, and overseas, they are being sold and tested to Guatemala, Paraguay, and Mexico.

An official from CH&B said, “As sales of health functional foods increase due to increased fear of new viruses around the world, we are planning to further expand the product line of health functional foods.” If possible, we will try to prepare products that can be competitive in health functional foods by visiting raw materials, which are the main production sites in Korea, he said.

Furthermore, he said, “We will continue to maintain and investigate preparations for unpredictable new viruses and expand the product line of quarantine products that can respond to each situation.”

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Photo – CH&B