[Incheon KOTRA Support Group “I-BIO Company”] Ahngook Pharm. “Take care of your health with “Once a day & One pack a day” All in One vitamin “V-PACK”.

Ahngook Pharm Co., Ltd., a company selected as the “I-BIO Customized DT Marketing Project” conducted by the Incheon KOTRA Support Group, is a pharmaceutical company that has silently protected the health of the people for 65 years since its foundation in 1955. Based on 65 years of pharmaceutical technology, it has been developing customized health functional foods that suit customers’ lifestyles.

The three types of health functional foods “V-PACK” released by Ahngook Pharm are all-in-one vitamins that solve the needs of busy modern people and make it easy to take essential nutrients “Once a day & One pack a day.”

From the left) V-PACK Men’s, Women’s, Junior | Photo: Ahngook Pharm

V-PACK is released in three types: men’s, women’s, and junior. In the case of men, it is recommended if you are worried about fatigue from stress and physical health that varies from year to year. Among the components, octacosanol can improve endurance, Rhodiola rosea extract can improve fatigue due to stress, milk thistle improves liver health, and hematococcus extract can help improve eye fatigue, respectively.

In addition, when many women complain that “my skin has become dry after dieting,” “I can’t go to the bathroom because I eat irregularly,” and “My eyes are tired these days.” Women’s V-Pack reflects the needs of modern women who are interested in beauty as well as health.

Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient that can help moisturize the skin, and aloe leaves can help facilitate bowel movements.

Photo: Ahngook Pharm

V-Pack Junior, suitable for teenagers (middle and high school students), consists of ingredients such as ginkgo leaf extract, octacosanol, and red ginseng to help improve immunity, fatigue, and memory.

An official from Ahngook Pharm said, “If you are worried about your gradually decreasing physical strength and immunity these days from autumn to winter, you can systematically manage it with All-in-One health functional food ‘V-PACK’.”

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