Incheon Airport fosters 3K startups in tourism, culture, and food

Incheon Technopark and Incheon International Airport Corporation are operating various support programs for startups in the areas of 3K (K-tourism, K-culture, K-food) based on Industry 4.0 in connection with Incheon Startup Park.

This is to create a foundation for creating social values and creating a culture and arts airport through discovering and fostering startups. Through the Incheon Airport test bed, it fosters and develops startups with promising technology and market potential.

The official from Incheon International Airport Corporation said, “We are supporting the project for commercialization and improvement and providing connection and customized coaching by global accelerators and joint education program for selected companies.” Also, we are providing prize money and investment opportunities through the IR competition for 3K startups, as well as linking the demonstration support and residence program through the Incheon Airport test bed.

HN Novatech, a company that participated in the Incheon Airport 3K Startup Fostering Project, said, “Through the Incheon Airport 3K Startup Fostering Project, we received support in the process of improving and upgrading alternative meat products, business and operational aspects. It was really helpful to receive it.”