[imm cologne2-12] GROHE Digital Collection, comfort at the push of a button

Experience water digitally for unparalleled comfort in the bathroom. In the digital era, the personalised GROHE SPA experience is enriched with new technologies. Besides relaxation and well-being through perfect water delivery, the focus is placed on the easy operation of unique product lines. These fittings are user-friendly, flexible and comfortable to use thanks to an award-winning, universal design. Intuitive operation and innovative technologies make the GROHE Digital Collection a typical GROHE SPA product that offers personalised solutions and puts the user centre-stage.

Awarded with the world-renowned “red dot: best of the best“, the GROHE Digital Collection is designed in such a way that the user interacts naturally with the products. The “Digital Controller” and the “Digital Diverter” share the same aesthetic philosophy for straightforward, intuitive operation.

Three buttons for easy operation

The universal design of the “Digital Controller” reflects the commitment to maximum ease of operation. The “power” button starts the water flow, while “plus” and “minus” allow the water temperature to be adjusted in precise steps. A simple touch with the fingertip is all it takes. An illuminated LED ring visually displays the chosen water temperature – for greater safety and comfort. The volume of water is adjusted by turning the outer ring of the “Digital Controller”. Its textured surface ensures easy operation even with wet and soapy hands.

Useful features make life easier

But these are only the basic functions – the “Digital Controller” possesses many more features that facilitate the daily bathroom routine. The memory function, for instance, allows the preferred water flow and temperature settings to be saved for the next bath or shower. This is water delivery in its most personalised form. Maximum showering comfort is ensured by the warm-up mode, which indicates when the desired temperature has been reached and the user may step into the shower. It is also possible to install a second “Digital Controller” outside the shower to start the water flow without getting wet. The GROHE EcoJoy® technology incorporates the sustainability of the product; a pause function stops the water flow, e.g. for soaping or shampooing, and restarts it at the same flow rate and temperature – a perfect feature for saving water and energy. All bathtub and shower fittings in the GROHE Digital Collection feature the GROHE TurboStat thermostat technology, which ensures that the chosen water temperature is maintained even in case of pressure and temperature fluctuations. The GROHE SafeStop function affords protection against scalding, with a blinking light indicating that a temperature of 38 °C has been reached. Only after pressing the button again, the safety stop can be released and the temperature can be increased as desired.

All products in the GROHE Digital Collection boast a customisable automatic shut-off. All the user has to do is choose a time after which the faucet closes automatically – a useful feature for automatically filling the bathtub.

Digital Diverter for the perfect spa experience

Switching between head, hand and side showers and the outlet for the bathtub is controlled digitally as well. The “Digital Diverter”, whose design matches that of the “Digital Controller”, allows the water outlets to be selected individually or three at the same time – for an unforgettable showering experience. The illuminated ring shows which fittings and showers are in operation.

Total freedom of design for customised bathrooms

Whether it’s the wash basin, the bidet or the bathtub – every water outlet can be controlled via its own “Digital Controller” and be complemented with a “Digital Diverter” as desired. Wireless operation means total freedom of design, as both the Controller and the Diverter can be positioned anywhere in the bathroom separately from the faucet – on the tiles, the bathtub or wash basin or the bathroom furniture and consoles. This is customised bathroom design at its best. Moreover, both the universal design and the modular concept allow the digital operating elements to be freely combined with existing bathtub and shower fittings from the GROHE range. The GROHE Digital Collection is already available in combination with the following product lines: GROHE Ondus Veris, GROHE Rainshower Solo and Euphoria as well as the K7 kitchen faucet.

Innovative digital functions for any bathroom – the GROHE Digital Collection offers perfect solutions for today’s modern lifestyle. Maximum comfort, precise control, perfect water temperatures: experience water the digital way.

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