[imm cologne 2012] “… why do all those famous ear chairs have no ears?”

Instead of focusing on reduction, objectification and abstraction like her acclaimed colleagues, Designer Malihe Aazami insists on imagination, magic and sensual design. Her OLDMAN EAR CHAIR is the first ear chair with – veritable –ears. Standing before that armchair, awe and wonder will not leave you, so realistic, so dear are those ears – artfully moulded in 3D. Every curve, every undercut, every eigenart of the human ear has been brought out by outstanding upholstery craft.

OLDMAN complies with the typical features of the so called old-fashioned ear chair, namely an unsurpassed sitting comfort supporting back and head in a balancing way, a protection against draught and other annoyances and a safe haven for undisturbed solitude.

Combining these vintage features with the astute wink of comic-like burlesque, OLDMAN introduces creative tension into every space, simultaneous.

Design: OLDMAN by Malihe Aazami & Bretz Brothers Desig

Further Information: imm cologne 2012