[iMAC 2011 Preview] NANO INTECH to Display ‘Ultra Beads Mill’, Useful for Milling

NANO INTECH (ballmill.com) is introducing ‘Ultra Beads Mill’ and ‘Nano Particle Mill’ at ‘iMAC2011’ held in KINTEX from May 25 to 28.

Ultra Beads Mill, a perfectly airtight and horizontal beads mill, is the best optimum device for milling. The Grid-ring, which was developed and is mounted by Nano Intech’s technology, minimizes the pressure increase in the mill so it is very suitable for milling. Especially, it is greatly effective when less than 0.8mm-beads are used.

The sections that are touched by the material in the grinding tank, such as the grinding vessel and the disk, are ceramic or urethane coated to minimize impurity mixing.

iMAC2011 is the biggest sized expo of components and materials in Korea, arranged by Large & Small Business Cooperation Foundation,  KINTEX  and Kyongyon Exhibition and sponsored by Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Gyeonggi-Do Office, Korea Institute for Advanced Technology and Korea Testing & Research Institute. 278 companies and 614 booths participated last year.

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