[iMAC 2011 Preview] ISV To Release Ergonomic ‘Pen&Mouse Dolphin’, Compatible With Tablet

SEOUL, Korea (AVING Special Report on ‘iMAC 2011’) — <Visual News> ISV (www.penandmouse.com) will present ‘Pen&Mouse Dolphin’, a digital multi pen mouse, at the ‘iMAC2011’ held in KINTEX from May 25~28.

Pen&Mouse Dolphin, to be displayed by ISV in this event, is a wireless presenter and also a pen mouse, which can be used with not only PC, Mac Book, laptop but tablet PC like Galaxy Tab. The swift and soft design, inspired by a dolphin, made this product get an excellent award for ‘Good design 2010’ and a winner for ‘RED-DOT design award 2011’.

Furthermore, with the ergonomic design to hold and write easily, it can be practically used for mouse users who’ve suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and mouse syndrome.

Thanks to integrated Bluetooth technology in consideration of compatibility, it’s responsible for mouse functions for different uses with presenter function and writing recognition function. With these, users can enter text or draw a picture in detail without having to use a keyboard.

ISV, specializing in wireless digital devices, such as wireless pen mouse, wireless phone, wireless MIC, wireless audio system, DSP, etc. is currently focusing on production and sales of Pen&Mouse, a pen-type input device developed by combining wireless technology and optic technology.