[iMAC 2011] CHALGOMU to Present ‘Silicone Keypad’ Using Silicone Rubber

CHALGOMU (representative Hyoung-Woon Kim, www.chalgomu.com) showed ‘Silicone Keypad’ during the ‘International Materials∙Components Industry Show (iMAC 2011, www.imac21.co.kr)’ happening in KINTEX, Ilsan, Korea on May 25(Wed)~28(Sat).

Silicone Rubber, materials for Silicone Keypad, has stabilized chemical structures and features different characteristics, such as heat resistance, anti-freeze, electric insulation, chemical stability, abrasion resistance, gloss, and superior elasticity, which is a compound without corrosiveness and oxidization.

Silicone Keypad, designed by different printing companies, is being used for external keypad, internal keypad, medical key skin, etc.

CHALGOMU, found in 1994, is specializing in silicone keypad which acquired single PPM certification in 2008.

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