[IFA 2017] AAUXX Releases iRing Star Wars 40th Anniversary Limited Edition through IFA 2017


AAUXX, the inventor and authentic manufacturer of iRing, a perfect companion for your smartphone with brilliant functions and extreme durability as a comfortable grip and kickstand, has announced the launch of iRing Star Wars 40th Anniversary Limited Edition via IFA 2017. As the Star Wars series has transported us beyond a galaxy far, far away for 40 years, the iRing Star Wars 40th Anniversary Limited Edition will delight fans of all ages from all around the world.

The iRing Star Wars 40th Anniversary Limited Edition is inspired as much by the light side as by the dark side of the Force, both of which maintain a permanent equilibrium. The Limited Edition starts with exhibiting two iRings symbolizing Rebel Alliance, Galactic Emperor and an iRing with Star Wars 40th Anniversary logo. Besides all features of original product, iRing of each side of the Force is coated with 24K gold, while the last one with a matte black ring.

Those iRings are accompanied with iRing’s most popular accessories, iRing Hook and iRing Dock with Star Wars 40th Anniversary logo. Users can attach iRing Hook, the lightest and smallest smartphone mount for iRing users, anywhere they want, and use their smartphone without removing iRing. Furthermore, iRing Dock, the easiest car mount to put in and out a smartphone within a second, is especially welcomed by vehicle owners, under current flows of traffic law enforcement regulating drivers not to hold a phone while driving.

A new product from AAUXX, iRing Pocket with Star Wars 40th Anniversary logo, is also included in this Limited Edition. Users can contain a credit card or ID card in iRing Pocket, while enjoying all excellent features of original iRing. Additionally, there is a black leather phone case with Star Wars 40th Anniversary logo, compatible with iPhone 7.