[IFA 2015 EDITOR’S CHOICE TOP 100] Plantronics Introduces ‘BackBeat FIT’, Red-Colored Bluetooth Headset for Outdoors

Plantronics showcased the red-colored “BackBeat FIT”, a Bluetooth headset for outdoors, at IFA 2015, which runs Sep. 4-9 at Berlin.

“BackBeat FIT”, which is optimized for outdoor use, provides quality Bluetooth audio and excellent sound balance. It allows for amazing comfort, as it is made of high-elastic and flexible materials for today’s fitness-focused environment. In addition, with P2i nano-coating, it possesses a moisture-proof function that eclipses normal waterproof safeguards. It provides high level of comfort when exercising and taking part in outdoor activities. Also, users can jog at night safely as drivers can easily see the vivid green, blue and red colors with reflective finishing.

“BackBeat FIT” has high sound quality with DSP and echo-removal functions. Thus, it provides a balanced sound, hitting everything from low to high notes. There is also an intuitive interface with four buttons.

The headset pouch that is offered together with the product can be used as a normal case. But it can also be utilized as an armband when it is turned inside out. It is designed to secure smartphones and wear them on their arms.

More information about Plantronics’ “BackBeat FIT” can be found on iSKY Networks (CEO Choi Ho, www.iskynetworks.co.kr), the official domestic exporter and distributor of the product.

In its 56th year, IFA is one of the top trade shows for appliances and multimedia devices presented by 1,400 exhibitors from 50 countries and visited by 240,000 people from all over the world. The main products for this year are smart home products equipped with IoT technology, wearable devices, health tech devices, and ultra-resolution TVs.

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