HyVolution 2022 forum exhibition opens in Paris

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HyVolution 2022 exhibition is a paradigm channel for Europe’s hydrogen industry economy. It is a French Hydrogen collaboration exhibition organized by GL Events, the largest MICE company in France, that was held at 09:30 local time on May 11th at GL Events in Paris for two days until the 12th.

France is one of the leading countries in the EU that isspearheading the acceleration of carbon emission reduction and responding to climate change. The exhibition is garnering more attention than ever since the world is directly experiencing enormous energy risks during the recent climate change crisis and the Ukraine war.

The HyVolution exhibition is an economic event for energy, industry and mobility in the hydrogen industry. It was held to help build a new ecosystem for partnerships by conducting public and private projects and exchanging innovative ideas and solutions as part of building a global energy order for new resources and use.

Man-kiJeong, chairman of KAMA, delivers a keynote speech | Source-Aving News

More than 290 companies in the hydrogen-related sector, including Total Energy, will attend as regional participants. A total of 11 domestic companies and institutions attended; △Daeha △Daehyun ST △Ajou University △FCMT △NK Aether △GPhilos △Hylium Industries △Ministry of Environment △Korea Environmental Industry Association △Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) △Hydrogen Mobility + Show Organizing Committee. Through this exhibition, they sought to exchange technical information with companies in the EU and the hydrogen industry ecosystem, and promote facility exhibition while actively consulting with companies in the region.

This year’s HyVolution 2022 was held with three major themes. △Energy – green hydrogen (power2gas), renewable energy, storage, remote location △Mobility: automobile, bicycle, truck, bus, train, ship, special means of transport, charging infrastructure △Industry: chemical, metallurgy, glass, petrochemical, etc.

Hydrogen cars and chargers on display in the outdoor exhibition hall of the HyVolution 2022 Forum| Source-Aving News

HyVolution 2022 provides solutions, products and additional discussion platforms for businesses, local government authorities and partners through forums, various topic-based sessions, discussion workshops and outdoor exhibits of hydrogen powered vehicles including power generation units.

The main exhibition hall is comprised of corporate and institutional booths, while in the outdoor exhibition hall, actual hydrogen-powered vehicles such as buses, general cars, and racing cars are also on display.

The various thematic keywords of the forum, sessions and workshops include: hydrogen fuel cells, achieving decarbonization goals, education and research in the field of hydrogen, liquid hydrogen for mobility, case studies of hydrogen projects in France and abroad, climate impact, decarbonization of the steel industry, electric hydrogen trucks, low carbon strategy for cargo and construction, mitigating hydrogen leak risks, hydrogen strategies for the auto industry, environmentally friendlyassets in future mobility, hydrogen in motor racing, underground warehouses, decarbonization of Agrifood Industry, infrastructure, world’s first H2 modified coaching, Nomad Car H2, etc.

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Meanwhile, HYVOLUTION is the largest hydrogen industry B2B (business-to-business) exhibition in France hosted by GL Events. South Korea’s ‘Hydrogen Mobility + Show Organizing Committee’ will participate in the exhibition as a joint pavilion by signing an NDA for exhibition exchange with French MICE company GL Event.

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