Hyundai Robotics unveils next-generation lineups such as mobile service robots at Daegu Machinery Expo 2021

Hyundai Robotics (CEO Cheol-ho Kang) will participate in the Daegu Machinery Expo 2021 held at EXCO in Daegu from November 16th to 19th to showcase a lineup of compact high-speed handling robots, collaborative robots, and mobile service robots.

Hyundai Robotics was launched in 1984 by Hyundai Heavy Industries’ robot business team and has grown into the nation’s No. 1 industrial robot manufacturer. The headquarters is a robot factory located in Dalseong-gun, Daegu, and can produce 8,000 robots annually. Its main product, industrial robots, produces 39 types, including painting robots and compact handling robots, while clean robots, which carry LCD panels, are currently developed up to 11 generations and are recognized for their technological prowess around the world. In addition, Hyundai Robotics is currently developing a next-generation controller model as the only company in Korea with its own control technology.


Compact high-speed handling robots are products that can be used for high-precision processes such as small electronics, semiconductors, and batteries, and this exhibition introduces barista services based on compact high-speed handling robots, palletizing/depalletizing using conveyors, and display panel assembly modules. In addition, the collaborative robot is a machine that can work “hand to hand” with people and received the Best of Best Design Award at the Red Dot Award in 2019.

Mobile Service Robot is a Food and Beverage robot developed after the Hotel Amenity Robot. Through autonomous driving technology in restaurants, customers can serve, retreat, tour, and guide. Voice recognition and robot monitoring is available through KT’s wireless Internet network. Detachable and height-adjustable to suit the type of food and tableware, and various options are provided for the purpose.

F&B Mobile Service Robot│Photo – Hyundai Robotics

An official from Hyundai Robotics said, “We have global competitiveness in robot manufacturing. More than 50% of the total workforce has been concentrated on R&D capabilities, and we are securing Korea’s only independent control capabilities for automobiles and LCD manufacturing robots, he said. “We are not satisfied with this and are trying to secure additional competitiveness.” First of all, we want to secure localization of parts such as decelerators through technical consultations with domestic companies, and we are also aiming for greater price competitiveness by making efforts to reduce costs through production innovation.

Furthermore, “To continue to expand the market, Hyundai Robotics is making efforts to continuously develop next-generation models that have improved F&B serving robots. We are developing a multi-robot control function that can reduce the error range to less than 100mm and simultaneously monitor and control multiple robots by improving 2D LiDAR-based autonomous driving performance and are also making efforts to improve functions reflecting various VOCs received at the site.


Hyundai Robotics has focused on producing robots that meet demands from large companies such as automobile manufacturing and display panels. However, as untact emerges as a social culture, a new demand for automation is emerging.

In response, an official said, “We have identified a new market for robot automation and are developing robots that meet market demands. Compact high-speed handling robots and mobile service robots to be introduced at this exhibition are examples, he said. “We will make a new leap forward by developing next-generation models such as developing new products with quarantine applications in the future.”.

Meanwhile, the 2021 Daegu International Machinery Industry Exhibition is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and organized by EXCO, DGMC Daegu Gyeongbuk Machinery Cooperative, Daegu Techno Park Smart Manufacturing Innovation Center, Small and Medium Business Convergence Daegu Gyeongbuk Federation, Korea Technology, and KOTRA. The exhibition items are as follows. △Factory Automation Equipment △ Smart Factory △ Machinery, Equipment △ Tools, Mold △ Control Measurement, Inspection Equipment △ Logistics, Packaging Machine Tube △ Welding, Casting

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