Hyundai Motor Company releases video of BTS dancing with robot dogs Spot & Atlas

BTS acts as global brand ambassador and releases video of them dancing with robot dogs Spot & Atlas | Courtesy of Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motor Company released global brand ambassador BTS’s video “Welcome to the Family with BTS” where they dance to the IONIQ brand music with Boston Dynamics’s robots Spot and Atlas.

In this video, Hyundai Motor Company demonstrated the technological prowess of Boston Dynamics, which applied BTS choreography to robot dance. By uniting BTS and the robots, it expressed the still unfamiliar concept of robotics to MZ generations. between BTS and robots.

This video starts with NEXO for children welcoming Spot that came to play at the filming site of Hyundai Motor Company and BTS. BTS members and Spot meet, and they show and imitate basic moves to each other. Spot learns the difficult moves of BTS choreography, and this demonstrates the superior technology of Boston Dynamics.

And, the moment heats up by the appearance of Atlas showing the moves of BTS the same way, and the video ends as the robots finally masters the moves and show military-style group dance. The video of “Welcome to the Family with BTS” released this time was produced to commemorate Hyundai Motor Group’s acquisition of Boston Dynamics.

A company staff of Hyundai Motor said, “With the acquisition of Boston Dynamics, we plan to expand our new robot business in full force and provide customers with a higher level of experience. To promote robotics, we are going to communicate with the MZ generations, and showcase various marketing activities in the years to come.”

Hyundai Motor Group introduced the wearable robot VEX (Vest Exoskeleton) that assists workers in the production line who have to look upward last September, and went onto developing various robot technologies in ▲Electric vehicle charging robot and ▲Robotic personal mobility, accelerating the development of new robotics business fields.

Welcome to the Family with BTS | Courtesy of Hyundai Motors