Hylium Industries to introduce liquid hydrogen drones capable of long flight at HYVOLUTION 2022

Liquid hydrogen drone │Photo source -Hylium Industries

Hylium Industries (CEO Seo-young Kim) will participate as a joint Korean pavilion at ‘HYVOLUTION 2022 (France Hydrogen Industry Exhibition 2022),’ which will be held at the Paris Event Center, France for two days from May 11 to 12.

Hylium Industries, a KIST startup venture, has a history of independently developing liquid hydrogen production, storage, transport, and safety technologies. They develop and supply technologies necessary to safely supply hydrogen, an eco-friendly energy source. Their main products include liquid hydrogen charging stations, liquid hydrogen drones, liquid hydrogen storage tanks, and hydrogen liquefiers.

Hylium Industries’ liquid hydrogen drone is advantageous as it is capable of flying for more than 5 hours. In addition, the mobile liquefied hydrogen charging station can store and transport 2,500 L class 3-atm low-pressure liquefied hydrogen on a 5-ton truck plus it can also be charged with high-purity liquefied hydrogen.

An official from Hylium Industries introduced the product saying, “It charges more than 200 FCEVs by injecting 99.995% or more of high-purity hydrogen gas, and it has superior mobility and faster installation compared to stationary charging stations.”

He adds, “Currently, we are aiming to supply solutions for transportation and storage of liquid hydrogen to Korea, as well as Europe, the United States, China and Australia. Our main items are mobile liquid hydrogen refueling stations, liquid hydrogen trailers, liquid hydrogen drones and mobile liquid hydrogen control centers which can be installed and operatedwithin a short time.”

Photo source -Hylium Industries

Hylium Industries has recently achieved more than $4M in sales through liquid hydrogen fuel tanks for ships and aircraft, liquid hydrogen trailers, liquid hydrogen plants and charging stations. They are in the process of establishing a local corporation to enter the European and American markets, where liquid hydrogen demand is expected to expand.

Seo-young Kim, CEO of Hylium Industries, said, “In order to improve the reliability of our products, we maintain the high quality through actual liquid hydrogen-based performance and stability tests. We also aim to supply and support cutting-edge, eco-friendly energy solutions, and expand our supply of Hylium Industries’ unique liquid hydrogen infrastructure, which will contribute to an eco-friendly society.”

“Our mission is to provide people with safe hydrogen technology that brings them closer to a green economy,” he said. “Hylium Industries prioritizes contributing to saving the planet and believes that hydrogen is the most promising green energy source to serve that purpose. This is why we are committed to creating and delivering safe liquid hydrogen technology to our customers,” said Kim, expressing his aspirations.

Seo-young Kim, CEO of Hylium Industries │Photo source -Hylium Industries

Meanwhile, HYVOLUTION is the largest hydrogen industry B2B (business-to-business) exhibition in France hosted by GL Events. This year, more than 250 hydrogen value chain-related companies and institutions from around the world will participate in △ Mobility, △ Energy, and △ Industry. Korea’s ‘Hydrogen Mobility + Show Organizing Committee’ will participate in the exhibition as a joint pavilion by signing an NDA for exhibition exchange with French MICE company GL Event. Along with nine domestic hydrogen-related companies and institutions, a PR hall will be established and operated, to explain domestic hydrogen industry trends and promote the private hydrogen industry.