Hwahwa Showcases Korean Fantasy Content, ‘Meoshinke’ at Gwangju ACE Fair 2022… “Will Knock on the Door of the Overseas Markets with the Potential of its Unique Content”

Image of Meoshin from ‘Meonshinke’ showcased by Hwahwa at Gwangju ACE Fair 2022 | Photo by – AVING News

2022 광주 에이스페어에서 화화가 선보인 콘텐츠 '묘신계'의 묘신 이미지 | 촬영 - 에이빙뉴스

Image of Meoshin from ‘Meonshinke’ showcased by Hwahwa at Gwangju ACE Fair 2022 | Photo by – AVING News

Hwahwa (CEO Kyungrim Kim) attended ‘Gwangju ACE Fair 2022’, which was held for 4 days from Sept 22nd (Thurs) to the 25th (Sun) at Kim Daejung Convention Center in Gwangju.

Hwahwa is studio that develops and produces various forms of content that brings traditional Korean cultural motifs into a more modern retelling in forms like animations and is also an independent publisher. The company explained that they launched their company’s leading IP (Intellectual Property), ‘Meoshi World’, in July 2019 and is working on the project with overseas partners in various fields such as in publishing, creating animations, and character development, to help globalize the Korean Yogwe (goblins/ spirits) fantasy genre.

Hwahwa introduced their own content, ‘Meoshinke’, in the exhibition. This is a newly designed rebranding of ‘Meoshi World’ which was shown earlier and made its debut on an offline site through the fair. The world of Meoshinke is a fantasy world that is under the control of ‘Meoshin’, which uses the cat, the 13th animal which failed to become one of the 12 zodiac deities, as a motif, and is characterized by the vibrant Korean colors and uniqueness that comes from the world being comprised of yogwe, ghosts, mystical beasts, and divine spirits from traditional Korean folk tales.

Character goods based on this are being produced and sold, and they come in various forms, such as yogwe guidebooks, item guidebooks, graphic novels, chapter books, and boardgames. In the latter half of this year, Meoshinke’s short form animation series is planned to be aired through Daekyo Kids TV.

Some of the Meoshinke character goods | Photo by – AVING News

A spokesman for Hwahwa said that, “Meoshinke is differentiated due to being a fantasy that utilizes Eastern and Korean cultural factors,” and explained the background of its creation saying, “Experts who majored in Korean language and literature, archaeology, and art history were part of the planning and production, and worked hard to give each character a full and unique setting and background while still keeping to the historical research.”

They went on to say that, “We also have freelance artists and partners from Korea and overseas taking part in the production of Meoshinke, so we expect that it will be possible to have effective marketing in the US, Canada, and the North American region, as well as globally. Based on this potential, we seek to knock on the door of the global market by expanding our content through ways like producing and distributing long form animation base.”

Some of the Meoshinke character goods | Photo by – AVING News

Gwangju ACE Fair 2022 is a comprehensive content exhibition where you can see all categories of content licensing, including AI, metaverse, VR/AR, games, broadcasts, animations, and characters, in one place. It was hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism and the metropolitan city of Gwangju, and overseen by the KimDaejung Convention Center, Gwangju Information & Content Agency, Gwangju Institute of Design Promotion, Korea Cable TV Association, and the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA). In addition to the ‘Web Animation Festival (WAF)’ hosted by the Gwangju Information & Content Agency, there were other diverse additional events showcased throughout the exhibition period, such as the New Illustrator Discovery Contest with NC Soft, board game competition and experiencing event, cosplay festival, the 15th Youth Broadcasting Content Contest, and animation premiere.

Hwahwa’s exhibition booth at Gwangju ACE Fair 2022 | Photo by – AVING News