Hosting “Untact Overseas Buyer Consultation Conference” by Jeonbuk Techno Park in line with the post-Covid19

Jeonbuk Techno Park (Director Yang Kyun-ui) will hold an “Untact Overseas Buyers Meeting” with related buyers in Europe and the Americas on September 8th and September 9th to 10th, following Chinese companies in Gunsan Free Trade Area on July 22nd.

The buyer consultation meeting was planned and promoted online face-to-face in consideration of the difficulty of entering overseas buyers due to the prolonged Covid19.

As a result, 15 export consultations were conducted between 10 leading buyers in China and 3 companies in Gunsan Free Trade Area, Samyang Hwa In Technology, and Hanil Heater on July 22, and the consultations were conducted 1:1 with the support of professional interpreters through a video platform such as Zoom and WeChat. The items were carried out with Samyanghwain Technology’s ion exchange resin, Essentech’s air conditioning valves, piping valves, gas valves and electric heaters, resulting in $21.3 million in export consultation and $640,000 in contract promotion.

Jeonbuk TP plans to hold additional online export consultations for Europe and the Americas for three days from Sept. 8-10 and four other companies including Essentech, which are located in free trade areas such as automotive parts, valves and ion exchange resins, will participate.

Jeonbuk TP plans to find export-promising products for each country to improve export competitiveness of small and medium-sized companies that cannot participate in overseas exhibitions and fairs. Yang Kyun said, “We will continue to make efforts to develop overseas markets in post-Covid19.”