[Healing Fair 2018 Preview] INJIACTIVE, plans to introduce a Women’s Sportswear that can be worn comfortably in Everyday Life

INJIACTIVE will participate in ‘Healing Fair 2018’ from April 6 to 8 at the exhibition hall of YangJae aT Centre in Seoul and introduce introduce a women’s sportswear that can be worn comfortably in everyday life.

INJIACTIVE is a women’s sportswear brand inspired by urban lifestyle and modern sensibility. INJIACTIVE’s sportswear is designed to enable active active lifestyles not only in sports but also in everyday life, using functional materials.

INJIACTIVE continues to make comfortable sportswear that is not tight because it is a tight product that touches the skin directly. Women’s sportswear from INJIACTIVE includes tank tops, T-shirts, sports bra, leggings, and sweatshirts.

(Photo: CEO Baek In-ji of INJIACTIVE)

CEO Baek In-ji of INJIACTIVE said, “I have always communicated online, but I would like to communicate with those who are interested in our brand even offline with this healing fair”.

Healing Fair is the only Korean healing theme exhibition to offer excellent healing products and services as well as set the new trend of healing industry and culture. It consists of 5 exhibition theme zones specialized in healing by industry, including healing food, healing beauty, healing play, healing city & tour, and healing living. In addition, various experience programs will be held at the same time and offer pleasure for visitors.