[Healing Fair 2018] Café Thanks, introduces Low-Carbon Bakery that catches both Health and Taste

Café Thanks, will participate in ‘Healing Fair 2018’ from April 6 to 8 at the exhibition hall of YangJae aT Centre in Seoul and introduce healthy low-carbon bakery Kong Dang.

Recently, the interest about food that can be eaten reliably is increasing as environment problems such as yellow sand or micro dust is being issued, and as various adult diseases is being highlighted. Beyond the daily diet and side dishes, bread and dessert products are also experiencing this trend.

All products that are sold in Café Thanks are Gluten Free that is rising for health and diet. Since it does not use flour and sugar, even the people who are forced to be restricted to food can also enjoy healthy and delicious desserts.

General Manager Jung So-im of Café Thanks said, “Modern people’s interest towards the healthy food is high as many social problem issues such as environment pollution or food occur” and added, “I hope many people to enjoy healthy bakery through low-carbon bakery”.

Healing Fair is the only Korean healing theme exhibition to offer excellent healing products and services as well as set the new trend of healing industry and culture. It consists of 5 exhibition theme zones specialized in healing by industry, including healing food, healing beauty, healing play, healing city & tour, and healing living. In addition, various experience programs will be held at the same time and offer pleasure for visitors.