Hanyang University-Seoul Industry Promotion Agency, find success at the’2021 Global Investor Meet-up Day’…Try Everything 2021 to open as part of collaboration program!

Source -Hanyang University Startup Support Group

Hanyang University Startup Support Group (Director Jeon Sang-kyung) announced on the 6th that it has successfully completed the 2021 Global Investor Meet-up Day (hereinafter referred to as the program).

The programwas held online for about three weeks from September 14 to September 30, in conjunction with the Seoul Business Agency (SBA), to provide business networking opportunities between early start-ups and overseas investors (buyers) who want to enter overseas markets and attract foreign investment.

In this program, about 20 domestic companies (Series A seed investment attraction stage) participated and were supported with ▲ Global IR education linked to overseas experts and 1:1 pitch coaching ▲ Overseas investment institutions (accelerators, VCs) and buyer-invited startup pitching events ▲ 1:1 online meet-ups between overseas investors and startups.

The pitching session was held twice on September 14, and 14 startups participated and introduced their products and services to more than 20 foreign investors and buyers (company, government agencies, etc.), including Seedstars, Freshco Capital, Plug and Play, ECM Medical, and HKTDC.

Overseas investors (buyers) who participated in the 1:1 online meet-up meeting, which began on September 14 and lasted until the 30th, provided realistic feedback on improvements in overseas expansion strategies and ways to secure future investments, and are conducting follow-up meetings with some companies.

About 200 matching consultations and networking were conducted in this program, and some companies that received keen attention from participating investors (buyers) will receive benefits such as follow-up meetings, investment links, and participation in overseas accelerator programs.

Hanyang University continues to operate the “Global Accelerator Program” as part of its initial startup package business to help startups advance overseas, in order to identify trends in the global market and to provide opportunities to advance overseas.

Jeon Sang-kyung, director of Hanyang University’s startup support team, said, “We will continue to connect and cooperate with various global investor networks affiliated with Hanyang University in order to help scale up domestic startups and lay the groundwork for global expansion.” Meanwhile, “Try Everything 2021” is a global startup festival that embraces the challenge to “try everything without fear of failure”which was held for three days from September 15 to 17, and has been held since 2019 by the Seoul Metropolitan Government.