Hana Electronics to Launch Secondary Battery Function Recovery Unit by Using World’s First Aging Prevention Charging Technology

SÃO PAULO, Brazil (AVING Special Report on ‘Korea ICT Roadshow Central and South America 2011’) — <Visual News> Hana Electronics is participating in the ‘Korea ICT Roadshow South and Central America 2011′ that will be held in Brazil and Columbia during 13th to 19th in support of Incheon IT Promotion Agency to present their RENEWBAT that safely recovers all aged secondary batteries.

RENEWBAT is made with CPU installed ASIC (electronic energy control customized semiconductor) and electronic energy control software technology. It is world’s fastest and safest battery charging technology.

This device is made from convergence of electronic, communication, chemistry and other areas. It sets battery function recovery standard by three steps before use and changes direct current energy into micro pulses in each charging step. It removes foreign objects from the surface of the poles and provides electronic energy to the battery. The feedback system allows the users to check transmitted energy on live status to recover lacking energy.

Also, it is different from Europe’s transformer low frequency pulse method and Japan’s high frequency pulse method. Its energy efficiency rate is above 90% and is only 7kg with the size of normal computer desktop. The cost is 1/10 of similar products and has high credibility and quality level. It also allows the user to perform international standard discharge testing after recovering the battery.

It is able to prevent and improve aging of lead sulfate batteries as well as nickel-cadmium, nickel metal hydrogen battery and lithium battery. It is effective in lengthening the lifespan of batteries and improving battery function. It is also beneficial in reducing CO2 emission and improving recycle rate of used batteries.

Hana Electronics’ Heung Woo Lee said “We made a 3 million contract with Indonesia. We are also preparing a battery life lengthening project by working with Israel’s Better Place that will be applied in electronic cars,” “We are continuing to develop various business models that will be applied in India, Turkey, Spain, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Mexico, Canada and China.

“Fast and safe recovery of secondary batteries may be applied in various areas such as UPS, transportation (airplane, subway, train, automobiles, ships), military use, medical devices and other areas. We anticipate the application of our products in electronic cars and new regeneration energies as well,” said Lee.