H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021 ended in success with proving the potential of the domestic hydrogen industry… Achieving $59.75 million in accumulated consultations, 2.7 times increase from last year!

View of H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021 held Sep. 8-11 at KINTEX | Photo by AVING News

– 154 companies and organizations from 12 countries around the world participated, with the cumulative number of visitors around 27,000

– 70 Business video conferences held for 31 Korean companies and 25 overseas companies

– Organizing Committee declared to hold H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2022 next September

H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021 held Sep. 8-11 at KINTEX ended in success.

The cumulative number of visitors increased 2.3 times from the previous year to 27,000, and 154 companies and institutions from 12 countries around the world participated in the exhibition, showcasing new products and technologies in the fields of hydrogen mobility, hydrogen charging infrastructure, and hydrogen energy.

In H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021, 55 companies and institutions from 11 leading hydrogen countries including Sweden, the host country, and other countries such as the US, UK, Germany, France, Canada, and the Netherlands participated. This is an increase of about 28% compared to the previous year, and it is evaluated that it reflects the global interest in carbon neutrality increased by the Paris Climate Change Accord.

On the first day of the exhibition, Korea H2 Business Summit was launched with CEOs from eight companies, Hyundai Motor Group, SK Group, POSCO Group, Hyundai Heavy Industries Group, Doosan Group, Hyosung Group, Kolon Group, and Iljin, present in H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021. Together, they presented the potential and future development direction of the Korean hydrogen industry.

On the second day of the exhibition, the Global Hydrogen Industrial Association Alliance (GHIAA) announced its official launch next year. In GHIAA led by the Hydrogen Convergence Alliance (H2KOREA), Korea and 14 countries including the US, EU, Germany, Australia, Canada, France, Norway, the United Kingdom, Spain, the Netherlands, Chile, China, and Singapore participated and promised international cooperation for carbon neutrality.

Heads of major conglomerates, Chung Eui-sun (Hyundai Motor Group Chairman), Choi Tae-won (SK Group Chairman), Shin Dong-bin (Lotte Group Chairman), and Choi Jung-woo (POSCO Group Chairman), visiting the exhibition hall. They have attending Korea H2 Business Summit held before the opening ceremony of H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021 | Photo by AVING News

On the third day of the exhibition, the “International Hydrogen Conference” was held to strengthen the international cooperation to make hydrogen economy more active, and share the vision and strategies of the major countries that are conducting hydrogen economy. Despite the COVID-19 situation, pre-registration for the conference became full in 3 minutes.

In the opening remarks of the conference, Jeong Man-ki, chairman of the H2 Mobility+Energy Show organizing committee, said, “International cooperation is crucial for completing the value chain of the hydrogen industry from hydrogen production, storage, transportation, and utilization. Despite the circumstances of restricted international travel due to COVID-19, the fact that 154 companies from 12 countries around the world are participating in this exhibition proves that international cooperation is essential for the development of the hydrogen industry, such as discovering partners and strategic alliances,” emphasizing the importance of international cooperation realizing carbon neutrality.

In addition, Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation of Sweden, said, “In order to revitalize the hydrogen economy for carbon neutrality, we need international cooperation in both the public and private sectors.”

50 companies in the hydrogen mobility sector, 34 companies in the hydrogen charging infrastructure sector, and 36 companies in the hydrogen energy sector participated in this exhibition. Conglomerates such as Hyundai Motor Group, POSCO and SK exhibited a value chain that encompasses the hydrogen industry using all of their affiliates, while SMEs showed unique innovative technologies.

POSCO Group especially drew a lot of attention by introducing a blast furnace using hydrogen as a reducing agent. Unlike conventional blast furnaces that use fossil fuels, the hydrogen-reduced steel manufacturing method can produce iron without emitting carbon dioxide.

Video host Alex Sigrist is introducing Hyundai Motor Group’s unmanned transportation system concept mobility “Trailer Drone” at H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021. | Photo by AVING News

Activities by SMEs were also outstanding. Vinssen, a company specializing in electric hydrogen small ships, attracted the attention of visitors by exhibiting hydrogen electric hybrid leisure boat, and BKM showcased real-time integrated diagnosis and control solution for fuel cell by using artificial intelligence that only some overseas companies have. Wonil T&I unveiled a fuel cell system using a hydrogen storage alloy mounted on submarines.

The Organizing Committee held the final presentation of the H2 Innovation Award on Sep. 9 (Thu) with the purpose of discovering innovative technologies in the global hydrogen industry and broadening the foundation for technological innovation. A total of 10 companies competed in three categories: hydrogen mobility, hydrogen charging infrastructure, and hydrogen energy.

The grand prize went to  ▲POSCO SPS’s Precision Rolling and Forming Manufacturing Technology for Fuel Cell Separator, and the first prizes went to ▲Hyundai Mobis’ Fuel Cell Power Pack (hydrogen mobility sector) ▲ DongHwa Entec’s Hydrogen Precooler for Hydrogen Charger (hydrogen charging infrastructure sector), and ▲ BKM’s Edge AI-based Fuel Cell Real-time Diagnosis and Control Integrated Solution (hydrogen energy sector).

An official from the award-winning company said, “Since receiving the award at the 1st Hydrogen Mobility Show last year, sales have increased 4-5 times. We hope to continue developing the innovation award.” Another official said, “Since the award ceremony on Sep. 9, inquiries from buyers and visitors to the booth have increased significantly. In the future, we are going to actively utilize the H2 Innovation Award as a means of publicity and marketing.”

Particularly in this year’s show, good results came out in business exchanges. In cooperation with the co-host KOTRA, the organizing committee held business video conferences to promote overseas exports for participating companies. In consideration of the COVID-19 situation, the consultation will continue until Sep. 30 by non-face-to-face video conference. Although it is still in the early stages of consultation, 31 Korean companies and 25 overseas companies have completed more than 70 meetings so far, and the accumulated consultation amount has increased by about 2.7 times compared to the same period last year, reaching $59.75 million. One outstanding case is from Company E, a Korean water electrolysis equipment company, signing an MOU for exporting water electrolysis equipment worth $500,000 for two years with an Australian renewable energy company Z.

POSCO Group’s booth at the H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021 | Provided by – Korea Automobile Industry Association

Also, as Sweden was the host company for this event, Sweden’s major hydrogen-related companies like ▲ABB ▲CEJN ▲Impact Coatings ▲KraftPowercon, and the Swedish Trade Representative participated. In addition, in the Hydrogen Industry Online Seminar held throughout the exhibition period, the seven presentation companies and four organizations were all foreign companies and institutions. This shows that this exhibition is receiving international attention.

H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021 was hosted by the Hydrogen Mobility Show Organizing Committee and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Ministry of Environment. It is in its second run this year.

The organizing committee decided to hold the 3rd Hydrogen Mobility Show in September next year, emphasizing the importance of carbon neutrality, business exchanges, and international interest at the exhibition. So far, 20 companies have already confirmed their participation in the exhibition.

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