Gyeonggi Content Agency, Successfully Held the 2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030 Performance Sharing Meeting, which Supported Young Entrepreneurship Dreams in Gyeonggi-do

Gyeonggi Content Agency, which operates the PangyoGyeonggi Culture Creation Hub, held a performance sharing meeting for the startup support program 2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030 on the 19th.

View of the Performance Sharing Meeting of ‘2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030’ | Photo – Gyeonggi Content Agency

Since June, the Youth Startup SMART 2030 Project has recruited prospective entrepreneurs who dream of starting a business in Gyeonggi-do to support online and offline startup education, 1:1 mentoring, and networking, and provided a place to share business results among participating companies.

▲DEVFIVE (Braille document and image editor) ▲Mealing (Food Life Style Platform) ▲ZetcitiCo., Ltd.(Real-time social platform) ▲ LiClover Co., Ltd. (Disease Prevention Platform Application) ▲GLEN Studio (Blockchain Mobile Game) ▲Gori (Hobby Class Platform) ▲Shovel (Commerce platform specializing in design phrases) ▲Einx (Exhibition schedule location guide)▲Victorim (B2G market entry information content curation service) 9 companies participated in the Performance Sharing Meeting.

Among them, ▲Mealing (CEO Soo-bin Lee) achieved 130 million won in investment attraction, and in addition, the ▲ Gyeonggi Startup Competition Early Startup Award (Zetciti) ▲Chungbuk National University Innopolis C-star Startup Education Award (LiClover) ▲2021 Goyang MICE Industrial Startup Idea Competition Award (Andand studio) ▲Seoripul Z ZEPETO Creator Selection (Zepetons) have achieved excellent results.

An official from the Gyeonggi Content Agency said, “Through this 2021 Youth Startup SMART 2030 project, the dream of young entrepreneurs has come true,” adding, “We will continue to provide follow-up support for future support companies.”

Meanwhile, “Youth Start-up SMART 2030” is a preliminary entrepreneur growth support program that hopes to start a content convergence and complex field in Gyeonggi-do and has been supporting business development such as ▲ start-up education ▲ regular mentoring ▲ initial business expenses ▲ networking ▲ space support.