Green hydrogen energy company in one place! H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021 to be held at KINTEX on Sep 8

The H2 Mobility+ Show Organizing Committee (Chairman Jeong Man-ki, Chairman of Korea Automobile Manufacturers Association, hereafter referred to as the Organizing Committee) announced that  ▲NextHydrogen (Canada) ▲Linde (Germany) ▲Elchemtech ▲GPhilos ▲POSCO Group ▲Heraeus (Germany) and other domestic and foreign green hydrogen energy companies will participate in the H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021, which will open Sep. 8.

Considering environmental friendliness, hydrogen production technology is divided into green hydrogen (water electrolysis), gray hydrogen (reformed hydrogen), blue hydrogen (reformed hydrogen+CCUS), and by-product hydrogen. Among them, green hydrogen produces hydrogen through water electrolysis based on renewable energy, so carbon dioxide is not generated in the production process. Because of these advantages, a number of Power to Gas (PtG) projects are currently underway around the world, and the global trend in green hydrogen is exhibited here.

NextHydrogen is a Canadian manufacturer of alkaline water electrolysis systems that is well known in Korea. In July, it signed an MOU with Hyundai and Kia Motors to jointly develop and commercialize a water electrolysis system for green hydrogen production. Water electrolysis technology to produce hydrogen by electrolysis of water is divided into alkaline water electrolysis, polyelectrolyte (PEM) water electrolysis, and solid oxide (SO) water electrolysis. NextHydrogen has the alkaline water electrolysis technology. This method has the advantage of being able to reduce the hydrogen production cost because the stack manufacturing cost is relatively low, increasing the area and size. In this exhibition, visitors will see NextHydrogen’s Innovative Alkali Electrolyser.

At this exhibition, a global industrial gas and engineering company Linde of Germany will unveil the Linde Clean Hydrogen Value Chain, a technology for the entire hydrogen industry including clean hydrogen production, storage, transportation and utilization. Linde currently operates about 200 hydrogen charging stations and 80 water electrolysis plants around the world. Recently, it has established a joint venture ILE, ITM Linde Electrolysis GmbH with Britain’s electrolysis company ITM. In addition, Linde, which possesses commercial hydrogen liquefaction plant manufacturing technology, is currently building a 13,000-ton annual liquefied hydrogen plant in Yongyeon, Ulsan, together with Hyosung Group.

Elchemtech is a major polymer electrolyte (PEM) water electrolysis solution manufacturer in Korea. Elchemtech has the original technology to manufacture a catalyst with a porous structure in the nanometer size, which is one-hundredth the thickness of a human hair. Manufacturing efficiency is very important for hydrogen production by water electrolysis, and the Polymer Electrolyte Water Electrolysis Device exhibited by Elchemtech uses nanoporous water splitting electrodes to generate hydrogen efficiency by more than 90% and reduce power consumption by 20%. Especially, it is possible to manufacture high-purity hydrogen using only water and electricity without a separate electrolyte. In 2018, it was also selected as one of the top 10 nanotechnology holding companies selected by the MSIT and MOTIE.

GPhilos, a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of power conversion devices in the field of new and renewable energy, is a small but strong company dealing with various water electrolysis facilities such as alkaline, polymer electrolyte, and anion exchange membrane (AEM). Based on its high-efficiency and high-reliability power conversion device technology for fuel cells, GPhilos successfully completed the demonstration of a 500kW green hydrogen production system at Korea Midland Power and Jeju Sangmyeong Wind Power Complex in April, and by 2023, it plans to build and demonstrate a 3MW-class large-capacity green hydrogen production and storage system with Jeju Energy Corporation. GPhilos will exhibit the Power To Green Hydrogen System and PCS for Fuelcell at this H2 Mobility+Energy Show.

POSCO Group is preparing to take off as a leading green hydrogen company to lead the hydrogen economy. For this, the company plans to develop core hydrogen technology and hydrogen production capabilities early and expand its business scope from a steel company to a global major hydrogen producer and supplier. In this H2 Mobility+Energy Show, a total of six affiliates from POSCO Group will participate. ▲POSCO (hydrogen energy) ▲POSCO E&C (hydrogen charging infrastructure) ▲POSCO International (hydrogen energy) ▲POSCO Energy (hydrogen energy) ▲POSCO SPS (hydrogen mobility) ▲ Research Institute of Industrial Science & Technology (RIST). Among them, POSCO plans to introduce the hydrogen reduction steelmaking method under development, the development of steel materials necessary for hydrogen production, transportation, storage, and utilization, hydrogen production facilities, and key technologies for hydrogen production. POSCO International Energy will exhibit hydrogen industry value chain business and POSCO Energy will exhibit hydrogen energy storage and supply facilities and technologies at the exhibition hall.

Heraeus is headquartered in Hanau, Germany, and it is a global high-tech materials company founded in 1851. Its main fields are precious metal processing materials, petrochemical catalysts, automobiles, solar power, and semiconductor materials. In particular, it possesses excellent technology in the field of chemical process catalysts, and exhibits polymer electrolyte water electrolysis anode catalysts and fuel cell catalysts at the show. Heraeus’ polyelectrolyte water electrolysis anode catalyst reduces iridium usage by up to 90% compared to other companies, and at the same time, the chemical reaction is three times higher, which makes it highly economical. Also, Heraeus’ fuel cell catalyst has high stability and is attracting attention because of its excellent activity and durability.

In addition to the hydrogen energy companies mentioned above, 150 Korean and foreign hydrogen companies from 12 countries will be displayed at H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2021, which is held Sep. 8-11 in KINTEX. Hosted by the H2 Mobility+Energy Show Organizing Committee, it is sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Ministry of Environment. It is currently taking pre-registration for visitors on the exhibition website.

Meanwhile, the items displayed at the H2 Mobility+Energy 2021, hosted by H2 Mobility+Energy Show Organizing Committee, KOTRA, and KINTEX, and sponsored by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Ministry of Environment, are as follows. △Hydrogen mobility (hydrogen vehicle, hydrogen drone, hydrogen ship, hydrogen railway, hydrogen construction machine, hydrogen vehicle parts, hydrogen bicycle, hydrogen two-wheeled vehicle, etc.) △Hydrogen charging infrastructure (hydrogen charging station, hydrogen production, storage, transportation, small hydrogen mobility charger, etc.) △ Hydrogen energy (fuel cell, new and renewable energy)

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