[Green Energy EXPO Preview] Solar Energy Generation Platform, ‘Sunbang’ participates in the International Green Energy EXPO

Sunsoftware will participate in ‘International Green Energy Expo 2018’ held in Daegu EXCO from April 4th(Wed.) to 6th(Fri.) and introduce the only solar energy generation platform ‘Sunbang’ in Korea.

Sunsoftware is a start0up company which has developed ‘the very first solar energy generation design solution’. SUN CAE, which was released in 2015, was certificated as Good Software, in 2016, SUN SP was selected as ‘SW prosumer’ from the National IT Industry Promotion Agency and received good evaluation from design executives.

‘Sunbang’ is a new project which Sunsoftware has ambitiously prepared this year. Once again with the title of being the only one in Korea, ‘solar energy generation one stop platform has been developed and introduced to the public. ‘Sunbang’, which provides all the information needed for solar energy generation, has various categories from consulting for the solar energy generation business to materials, construction, sale, intermediation, reverse auction and community.

News and information, community categories provide a service for people who are new to solar energy generation and beginners of solar energy generation business to easily obtain systemic and high quality information, and excellent related companies function as helpers for business links to be more active.

Consultant service is a B2C program of Sunbang, consisting of related experts, college students who have passed through professional education and practical training, and professional consultants in field work so consumers can receive fast and accurate licensing services at a more reasonable price. Using this, small-sized companies can reduce the pressure of recruiting manpower and it is a part for college students to pay attention in terms of creating new jobs.

Through the materials & construction categories, it can be noted that it is a basic service to search for information of leading materials companies and constructors home and abroad at a glance, and through the ‘reverse auction’ system of Sunbang which is preparing activation, consumers can take advantages to be able to equip a solar power plant in a favorable manner and the related companies can be provided continuously with useful business information.

There are solar energy generation intermediation category and sale category provided for the consumers to conveniently look for high-level information posted by brokers gone through an open join process.

These days, the domestic solar energy generation industry faces the golden age, the consumers have gotten to perceive that they feel confusion and difficulties in selecting the right information in the flood of information. In the meantime, the CEO of Sunsoftware, Lee Jiseon is telling that they designed the platform, Sunbang with the hope to preventing further damage cases from misunderstanding and mistrust after watching various actual damage cases, and the hope for the photovoltaic industry to growth healthily.

Sunbang is expected to form an official user community and share useful information, so it acts as a channel of communication and at the same time, to pave the way to expel the companies which go against business ethics out of the business. It will open to all the companies, not limited to certain companies and it will play a huge role of helping users and companies to communicate freely and the business to be active within the Sunbang platform.

On the other hand, ‘International Green Energy Expo’ is an international trade exhibition, which is hosted by Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do, and supervised by EXCO Corporation, Korean New&Renewable Energy Association, Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association, Korea Wind Energy Industry Association, Korea Hydrogen Industry Association and KOTRA. This is the event that global companies participate in and support officially and has been also chosen by PHOTON-international and recognized as “World Top 10 solar light generation specialty exhibition. This event attracts a great number of domestic and foreign buyers and professional visitors who have real purchasing power, which achieves high business results every year