[Green Energy Expo 2021] KOGAS promises to lead hydrogen economy in Korea

KOGAS booth view at 2021 Green Energy Expo | Photo by AVING News

KOGAS (President Chae Hee-bong) participated in the International Green Energy Expo 2021 held at EXCO, Daegu from April 28 (Wed) to 30 (Fri).

KOGAS was established in August 1983 to improve the convenience and welfare of people through the supply of natural gas, which is clean energy. Its main tasks are to construct an LNG receiving base and a natural gas supply pipeline, import LNG from abroad, regasify it at the receiving base, and supply it stably to city gas companies and power plants. Also, LNG is mainly introduced in Middle East Asia (Qatar, Oman, Yemen, Egypt), Southeast Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei), Russia (Sakhalin), Australia, and the US.

KOGAS has been supplying natural gas to the Pyeongtaek Thermal Power Plant in 1986 by continuously promoting the National Natural Gas Supply Project to enhance the convenience and welfare of the people. It started supplying natural gas to Honam, the west sea area in 1999, and the Gangwon area in 2002. As the national main pipeline construction work was completed, a loop was formed to provide a stable gas supply.

KOGAS booth view at 2021 Green Energy Expo | Photo by AVING News

Since 2009, KOGAS has been supplying gas to regions with no gas supply, and began supplying natural gas to Jeju area in 2019. It has continued supply chain expansion business to establish energy welfare and for balanced regional development. The length of the pipe currently being used is 4,945km as of December 2020, and KOGAS is supplying gas to 212 cities and counties and 19.25 million households (supply rate 83.4%).

In this exhibition, KOGAS revealed Vision 2030. The vision goal is to △ reduce 60% in vehicle fuel cost per household △ reduce 10 million tons of national greenhouse gas △ reach 3 trillion won in operating profit. Also, KOGAS presented the five strategies, leading the hydrogen industry, expanding new businesses (expanding the supply of LNG for transportation), enhancing product and facility competitiveness, strengthening internal capabilities, and realizing social values (leading disaster and safety management, job creation and sharing).

KOGAS booth view at 2021 Green Energy Expo | Photo by AVING News

Recently, the interest towards hydrogen energy has increased. In line with this, KOGAS also announced that it will actively participate in the entire process of the hydrogen industry, including manufacturing and production of hydrogen, construction and operation of supply chains, and distribution through leading investments in hydrogen business and step-by-step strategies.

The 18th International Green Energy Expo is Korea’s largest, one of Asia’s top 3 and the world’s top 10 new and renewable energy exhibitions, and the only exhibition jointly organized by the four major associations. The exhibition covers △Solar power △ESS (energy storage system) & battery △Smart grid technology △Wind power and △New and renewable energy. This exhibition is hosted by Daegu Metropolitan City and Gyeongsangbuk-do and organized by EXCO, KNREA, KOPIA, KWEIA, and KHIA.

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