GPhilos to announce integrated green hydrogen production system and operation solution at HYVOLUTION 2022

P2G System │Photo source – GPhilos

GPhilos (CEO Ga-Woo Park) will participate as a joint Korean pavilion at ‘HYVOLUTION 2022 (France Hydrogen Industry Exhibition 2022),’ which will be held at the Paris Event Center, France for two days from May 11 to 12.

GPhilos is a company that specializes in Power Conversion System (PCS) for grid connection and microgrid configuration of new and renewable energy, starting with the development and commercialization of grid-linked inverters for fuel cell systems in 2009. Since 2017, they have been developing and supplying Green Hydrogen solutions through renewable P2G(Power to Gas) energy.

GPhilos has developed various technologies and products as responseto the global carbon reduction trend,which lead to the Paris Agreement and the 2050 Carbon Neutrality Declaration. While developing and supplying power conversion system (PCS) products to the fuel cell and energy storage system (ESS) markets, GPhilos quickly analyzed the electrical weaknesses of the electrochemical cell/stack structure and paid close attention to the relationship between renewable energy power sources, distributed power sources, and grids and loads.

An official at GPhilos said, “In order for new technologies and industries,which have emerged to meet the demands of a low-carbon era, to develop harmoniously with the current system, I think it is important to have a power system that reduces the burden on renewable and hydrogen energy systems,” and, “In particular, despite the repeated technological advances that were made to effectively utilize the highly volatile water electrolysis machines to harness renewable energy, water electrolysis machine stacks keep having an issue of favoring stable direct current power.”

500kW Fuel Cell Inverter │Photo source – GPhilos

While focusing on this issue, GPhilos developed a green hydrogen production system that can be directly connected to renewable energy plants and enables safe operation of water electrolysis stacksand the entire system. They also developed green hydrogen solution with regards to fuel cells and hydrogen charging stations.

The green hydrogen system proposed by GPhilos at this exhibition can directly utilize distributed resources such as renewable energy. If implemented the scale of the system is capable of operating Hydrogen (Refueling) Stations (HRS) even if it is not connected (off-grid). In addition, it is designed to ensure safety based on energy balance in the entire process, from renewable energy production to hydrogen utilization. Unlike general hydrogen production systems, the official explained that system integration for storage and utilization of hydrogen is possible and tailored to the situation and requirements of the customer.

The power supply converter connected to the water electrolysis machine puts a power storage device, such as a battery, between the AC/DC and DC/DC converter, which prevents external shocks from being transmitted to the system. It can also respond even when the water electrolysis needs tobe emergency stopped. Since only the DC-DC converter needs to be changed when implementing another water electrolysis machine, consumers can choose which water electrolysis machinethey want when designing the system, based on the required supply of renewable energy.

25kW DC-DC Converter Module │Photo source – GPhilos

Based on this technology, GPhilos agreed to supply a hydrogen production systemwith a German partner to a hydrogen charging station that is to be installed on Borkum Island, using offshore wind power from the North Sea. They signed a Letter of Intent (Lol) in February this year. In addition, they are striving to secure P2G business opportunities by broadening their horizons as much as possible, such as registering as a supplier of P2G systems with the Saudi NEOM hydrogen city project and the UAE Abu Dhabi Port Authority. In addition, GPhilos has been building their second factory since last summer, which isset for completion by May.

Ga-woo Park, CEO of GPhilos, said, “Our company is facing our second leap forward. Unlike before, where we focused on R&D-based technology development, we now intend to play a role in expanding the market through our products and utilizing our technology in the future. We will inform the world of the excellence of our green hydrogen system through our achievements.From here,we will become central to the sector by connecting renewable energy, power system, and gas supply chains.”

He continued, “I am delighted to have the opportunity to meet face-to-face with local agents and major customers I had met only via video before. Through this exhibition, where many hydrogen-related companies participated, we plan to strengthen and expand the global value chain by discovering new potential agents and making contact with product suppliers.In addition, we will identify the expectations and needs of consumers in the green hydrogen system market and establish a new business model to secure an opportunity to enter the market.”

Ga-woo Park, CEO of GPhilos │Photo source – GPhilos

In addition, CEO Park said, “With a mission of ‘taking the lead in changing the energy paradigm and contributing to a clean global environment,’ our company plans to exceed 250 billion won in sales by 2025 and become Korea’s leading green hydrogen solution company and lead the world’s P2G market,” expressing his big aspirations.

Meanwhile, HYVOLUTION is the largest hydrogen industry B2B (business-to-business) exhibition in France hosted by GL Events. This year, more than 250 hydrogen value chain-related companies and institutions from around the world will participate in△ Mobility, △ Energy, and △ Industry. Korea’s ‘Hydrogen Mobility + Show Organizing Committee’ will participate in the exhibition as a joint pavilion by signing an NDA for exhibition exchange with French MICE company GL Event. Along with nine domestic hydrogen-related companies and institutions, a PR hall will be established and operated, to explain domestic hydrogen industry trends and promotethe private hydrogen industry.

75kW VRFB Converter │Photo source – GPhilos