Goldrabbit starts Kickstarter funding for customized modular coding robot MAUNZI!

The customized modular coding robot MAUNZI developed by Korea’s robot startup Goldrabbit will be launched for funding through the US crowdfunding Kickstarter.

MAUNZI stimulates children’s imagination through a wide range of motion implementation methods and infinite expandability. Thanks to this, it succeeded in making its product different from other existing products, and this brought great responses in Korean market.

MAUNZI provides endless fun with the cubes with different characteristics: △Essential cubes in charge of movement commands and charging, △Action cubes for controlling robots with various movements, △Sensor cubes that can sense its surroundings, and △Connecting cubes that can connect blocks and deliver commands

MAUNZI is an IoT robot product that combines cutting-edge robot technology and various software, and can be easily adjusted like a block without having to connect wires.

It can be assembled and disassembled in the same way as Lego’s, and is also 100% compatible with real Lego. With MAUNZI, children can freely express the movements and sensations, and they can use it for education, mobile, games, and block play.

Also with the MAUNZI app, it can be operated remotely, and various commands can be executed through voice control.

A Goldrabbit staff said, “We have been researching and developing the MAUNZI robot for eight years.We have completed product testing and usability testing for consumers in Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany and other countries. We have been prepared to manufacture the highest quality robots.”

Through continuous R&B, Goldrabbit will provide various functions, characters, games, and educational contents that users want.

MAUNZI can be sponsored through Kickstarter’s website. (