GMC to release SSeasonic New powersupply M12II 850W, 750W

Computer case and power supply company GM Coperation(CEO Mun-cheul, Kim, will release two type SSeasonic New power supply, M12II 850W and 750W.

M12II 850W and 750W offer high energy efficiency certified by  Bronze and modular type cable convenience.

These products are suitable to construct multi GPU environment for high performance PC with large capacity output. With single rail of D2D converter type, 840W(70A)’s +12v output is available by standard of M12II-850, so they provide optimal performance to overclocking and high performance graphic card environment.

Through powerful performance, theses products obtained NVDIA’s SLI certification and AMD’s CrossFireX certification. And they boast superior efficiency of 84.5%~87%. In addition they equipped with all kinds of protection circuits such as OCP/OPP/OTP/OVP/SCP/UVP.


S2FC, a SSeasonic’s fan control technology, retains optical condition of supply inner heat and operation noise of cooling fan. Cooling fan has long life and low noise by equipping ADDA’s 120mm double bearing fan.

Quality aluminum capacitor provides outstanding response and long life, and semi modular type offers convenience that can be used just cable connection.  Also there are many other advantages.

” By releasing M12II-850 and  M12II-750 of powerful output and high quality, SSeasonic M12II line up is strengthened” and “We expect great response from customers by providing wide range of choice” GMC marketer said.