Global Startup Grand Festival “Try Everything 2021” held to lead the development of the startup ecosystem

Seoul City Mayor Oh Se-hoon giving remarks at the opening ceremony of “Try Everything 2021.” | Photo by AVING News

The opening ceremony of “Try Everything 2021,” a startup festival hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and organized by the Seoul Startup Hub, was held at The Shilla Hotel in Seoul on Sep. 16.

In order to maintain the dynamic atmosphere of the startup ecosystem and to establish contact points with investors from all over the world, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the global startup “Try Everything” where promising startups, investors, and accelerators from around the world gather together every year.

  This year’s Try Everything, held under the slogan of “Jump Up! Scale Up!” has been expanded compared to last year. Global startup experts from more than 15 countries, global conglomerates, VCs, ACs, and startup specialized organizations are operating a total of 91 scale-ups and startup programs for companies interested in entering the global market.

Also, since this event is a stage for startups, an online meet-up system will run so that investment discussions between startups and investors can take place at all times. The main event will be held both online and offline from Sep. 15 to 17, and those interested can participate through the official website and by searching the keyword Try Everything 2021 in YouTube.

The opening ceremony held on Sep. 16 was attended by Seoul City Mayor Oh Se-hoon, Minister of MSS Kwon Chil-seung, Maeil Business News Korea President Jang Seung-jun, and Seoul City Council Chairman Kim In-ho. The keynote speeches were delivered by Jason Schenker, the world-renowned financial market futurist who wrote “The Future After COVID” and is also the chairman of the Futurist Institute and Stephan Trojansky, the expert in visual effects and the CEO of Scanline VFX.

Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon said, “The people keep suffering because of COVID-19 pandemic. In times like this, you have to invest more instead of criticizing the situation.”  He added, “We have to pay special attention to non-face-to-face IT industry that combines big data and fintech.”

Also, “Seoul is aiming to become one of the Top 5 global startup cities. We will propose the vision to the world as the leader, not the follower.” We will make Seoul as the startup city that serves as the stepping stone and growth platform.”

Opening ceremony of Try Everything 2021 | Photo by AVING News

With the goal of making Seoul into a world-class startup city, Seoul Metropolitan Government has invested fully in infrastructure, fostering workforce in technology, investment by stages, and building global network. As a result, remarkable results have been achieved in attracting investment, technology startups, business incubation, and job creation. Also, Startup Genome, a US global startup ecosystem research institute evaluated Seoul positively, selecting it as one of the top 20 startup cities in the world. Seoul’s active startup support policies are reviewed well in both Korea and overseas.

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