Global Fandom Business Builder, ‘bemyfriends’, Attends COMEUP 2022… “Helping Creators and Brands Grow”

Provided By – bemyfriends

The global fandom business builder, bemyfriends (CEO Steve Seo, Brice Lee), will attend ‘COMEUP 2022’, which will be held in Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP) in Seoul for 3 days between November 9th(Wed) and 11th(Fri).

Bemyfriends is a company that provides solutions and services to help global creators and brands (companies) closely communicate with fans and be creative to create profit. In addition to their technical capacity, bemyfriends helps creators and brands grow their business through the fandom business-related experience and know-how they possess.

Bemyfriends is planning to introduce ‘b.stage’, the bespoke platform builder, through this exhibition. ‘B.stage’ is a web-based SaaS product that provides all the technology and services needed for creators and brands to run and expand a business.

Through b.stage, creators and brands are able to build their own platform and directly communicate with fans and customers on it through communities and memberships, directly create profit through global ecommerce using their content, and run their business. In addition, it provides various functions such as digital rewards (NFT, social tokens) to strengthen fandom management and fandom business.

Provided By – bemyfriends

A spokesman for bymyfriends said that, “In addition to K-Pop artists, there have been more and more cases of various clients like sports teams, esports, and drama IP and brands using b.stage to build their own platform. The global esports team T1, the popular drama ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’, K-Pop artists ‘KARD’ and ‘Purple Kiss’, and Insta Toon creator ‘3Woosil’ have created their own platforms to directly communicate with fans,” and went on to say, “In addition to ‘BAGC’, a NFT-based character brand that was globally popular, various b.stage owners plan to build their own platforms and expand their fandom business.”

Having its 4th iteration this year, ‘COMEUP 2022’ was hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups (Minister Young Lee) and organized by the Korea Startup Forum (Chairman Jaewook Park). Startups, investors, and people related to startups from over 15 countries attended, and this year in particular was the start of COMEUP’s rebranding from the previous government-private collaboration to the private-led event that it is now, as it aims to become a global Top 5 startup event. With the slogan of ‘WE MOVE THE WORLD’, the event was conducted both on and offline, and had various programs like Academic Conferences (Conference), Open Innovation Strategy of Global Companies (Open Innovation), COMEUP Stars Company Introduction (IR) and Booth Exhibitions, and Business Matching (Biz Matching).