Global Companies that Focus on Eco-friendly Energy ‘Solar Radiation’ introduced Advanced Technology

While the ever-rising fine dusts issue, attention is being paid to ‘Solar energy’ without fine dust and carbon emissions. The Seoul Metropolitan Government said today (26th) it will provide 29.3 MW of solar PV to 66,000 households, adding 29.7 billion won to its solar power supply project. Solar energy industry is attracting attention not only in Seoul but also in other parts of the world, and related industries are growing accordingly.

From April 4 (Wednesday) to Friday (Friday), companies focused on solar power will also be available at the International Green Energy Expo 2018 in Exco, Daegu. Major global companies leading the solar industry are as follows.

Weidmuller will introduce a variety of parts available directly from many companies associated with the solar panel industry. Weidmuller’s solar panel meets the IEC standard, an international standard, and has delivered more than 130,000 solar panels worldwide. Weidmuller’s solar panel uses a fibre-fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) enclosure to reduce the construction convenience, stability through the reinforcement of insulation, and construction costs. It is the best product to prevent the fire accident at the safety panel that has become an issue at solar power plants in Korea.

In addition, it maintains the correct IP 65 rating by removing the reverse current protection diode, increasing the most important generation efficiency, and sealing the enclosure completely. Moreover, it applies engineering techniques to curb internal temperature rises to achieve safer and better performance than its competitors.

SEJONG INTERNATIONAL have used ‘CIGS(Copper Indium Gallium Selenide) Flexible Thin Film Module’ to introduce BIPV construction material Solar panels and solar wall siding. ‘Peruff Solar’ is the technology that researches and applies BIPV solar building material which can utilize the roof and outer wall of the building as it is, and uses solar power generation system for building materials, so that it can produce its own power. The building is really making electricity.

With the conclusion of R & D agreement with the best CIGS Flexible Solar Module manufacturer in USA, it is manufactured and produced in accordance with the standard specifications of domestic and overseas roof and exterior wall, so that it can be easily installed in the field. ‘Peruff Solar’ has advantages such as light weight, durability, waterproofness, abundance, shade tolerance, glass-free structure, and easy construction, natural union with roof and outer wall, and unnecessary structure.

SUN SOFTWARE introduces ‘SUNBANG’, the only solar PV platform in Korea. SUN SOFTWARE is the first solar power generation design solution in Korea. SUN CAE, which was launched in 2015, was certified as Good Software. In 2016, it was selected as “SW Prosumer” by Korea Information & Telecommunication Promotion Agency (SUN SP) and received good evaluation from design practitioners.

‘SUNBANG’ is the ambitious new project this year prepared by such software. With the title of ‘Korea’s only solar power one-stop platform’, the company developed the platform for solar power generation. ‘SUNBANG’, which provides all the information necessary for solar power generation, has a wide range of categories ranging from consulting power generation projects to materials, construction, construction, sales, brokerage, reverse sales and community activities.

AJIN SOLARTEC presents aluminum structures related to solar power generation. AJIN SOLARTEC has its own design staff and manufacturing team based on its rich experience and has facilities to produce and operate a Chinese factory (Jiangsu Suzhou) directly.

AJIN SOLARTEC introduces a 3D simulation program that builds a system that takes into account the social characteristics of the location to be installed, and reduces the time to market benefits from its modular architecture. Their aluminum structures are free from rust and do not cause corrosion, and slim and compact are also great advantages. It is also excellent in weight reduction due to aluminum.

The officials of the company said, “Our goal is to increase the reliability of future products to enter foreign markets” and added, “We plan to increase the recognition rate of aluminum in the domestic market first, and then to actively push for overseas expansion”.

On the other hand, ‘International Green Energy Expo’ is an international trade exhibition, which is hosted by Daegu and Gyeongsangbuk-do, and supervised by EXCO Corporation, Korean New&Renewable Energy Association, Korea Photovoltaic Industry Association, Korea Wind Energy Industry Association, Korea Hydrogen Industry Association and KOTRA. This is the event that global companies participate in and support officially and has been also chosen by PHOTON-international and recognized as “World Top 10 solar light generation specialty exhibition. This event attracts a great number of domestic and foreign buyers and professional visitors who have real purchasing power, which achieves high business results every year.