GIG INTERNATIONAL Presents All-In-One Solution Smart Automatic Breathing Aid “O2L”

O2L Automatic BVM Ventilator | Photo – GIG INTERNATIONAL

GIG INTERNATIONAL, (CEO Ki-bong Kang) is a company specializing in manufacturing medical devices and is a global integrated corporation that operates businesses such as quarantine and military supplies. It has continuously developed strategic business models by establishing value chains in various business areas such as leisure, construction, energy, medical, healthcare, security, special military training, defense exports, manufacturing, material parts, casinos, and infrastructure industries.

Amid the continued COVID-19 pandemic, GIG INTERNATIONAL is exporting O2L products to all countries that need them. In particular, it is collaborating with more than 30 embassies among overseas embassies residing in South Korea and is spurring the export of medical devices.

O2L is equipment developed by installing automatic aids in existing manual AMBU bags to minimize the process of helping patients breathe with existing passive BVMs as respiratory-related patients due to COVID-19 occur in large quantities worldwide.

It is designed to allow anyone to install during emergencies and is quick and easy to operate. It also has a function to control the amount of air breathed in and the number of breaths, so it can be applied to everyone, including children and the elderly. With the development of an intuitive and smart design, users who are new to the O2L Automatic BVM Ventilator can easily use it.


Existing oxygen respirators have high technical barriers and difficulties in producing and mass-producing parts. A Bag Valve Mask (BVM) is an instrument that allows assistants to press the silicone bag to supply oxygen to patients when the patient’s respiratory rate decreases or it is difficult for the patient to breathe on their own. It is difficult to supply oxygen with constant force and pattern, so experts are required and there must be various sizes of AMBU bags for infants to adults. There is also a risk of secondary infection by patients or assistants.

The ventilator CCV (for intensive care patients) is a method in which the machine fully controls the patient’s breathing, which automatically guarantees air pressure and tidal volume depending on the patient’s condition but can cause collision between the patient and the machine when applied to patients with spontaneous breathing and is difficult to supply at an expensive price which exceeds 30 million won.

Complementing these points, GIG INTERNATIONAL’s O2L is a competitive all-in-one solution that can reduce medical personnel with a smart automatic pump device that complements manual operation problems. It is a product safe from viruses that can be secondarily infected because it does not require a separate assistant, and its price competitiveness is superior compared to CCV.

In addition, the O2L Automatic BVM Ventilator has a simple structure, excellent durability, and is well manufactured, which has excellent advantages in terms of maintenance and management.

Joon-hyuk Moon, a GIG INTERNATIONAL representative introducing O2L products│Photo – AVING NEWS

“O2L products are composed of oxygen masks and filters, so patients can use the machine on their own and the system is designed to control all lung capacities from babies to the elderly,” said Joon-hyuk Moon, an official at GIG INTERNATIONAL, “Furthermore, it is equipped with lithium batteries and can be used outdoors for three to four hours, so 119 rescue workers can immediately rescue many patients,” he added.

“We expect our products to be of great help to both patients and medical staff by presenting measures to prevent infection from sensitive viruses around the world,” he said.