GFI introduces ‘AEGIS’ that Extinguishes Initial Fire with Nanotechnology at ITS 2021.

GFI Co., LTD (CEO Sang-seop Lee) participated in the 22nd Innovative Technology Show 2021 (ITS 2021) held at SETEC (Seoul Trade Exhibition Hall) from October 26th to 28th and showcased “AEGIS” with advanced nanotechnology.

GFI’s ‘AEGIS’ is a product applied with state-of-the-art nanotechnology, and immediately detects heat (100-120℃) generated from fire, it sprays/dispenses fire extinguishing agents to extinguish the initial fire in a short period of time. Large-scale fires in Korea, such as Daegu Seomun Market, Yeosu Fish Market, and the Uijeongbu Fire, failed to recognize or extinguish fire in the early stages and lost numerous lives and property, AEGIS will play a profound role in preventing fires and responding to initial activities.

There are three main types of products such as a paint that can be applied to walls, long straps (wires), and thin pads. If this is properly applied to switchboards, cabinets, safes, server devices, and outlets, the embers caused by short circuits or overheating are detected by themselves and quickly overpowered. Products can be used everywhere, including schools, hospitals, subway stations, cultural properties, factories, and multi-facilities, as well as general houses.

It will also be of great help to the vulnerable, such as daycare centers, schools, nursing hospitals, and facilities for the disabled. In the case of the AEGIS Pad, it can be easily installed without any facilities or equipment if there is a space with a thickness of 2mm, and it is an eco-friendly product that is harmless to the human body.

In particular, GFI’s ‘AEGIS’ once again announced its excellence by winning the grand prize at the ITS 2021 through the “K-Innovation Company Awards” with excellent innovation technologies and products.

Meanwhile, the main exhibition composition of ITS 2021 hosted by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups is as follows. △Smart Factory Solution Hall △Smart Manufacturing Innovation Hall △Smart Digital New Industry Hall △Smart Green New Industry Hall △Smart Service Innovation Hall.

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